Christmas is just around the corner and that means it's time to start looking for the perfect presents for all the important people in your life. Although it seems like people only care about the presents they receive around this time of year, it can be a really great feeling when you're able to give someone a gift that really means something to them.

Some women are super easy to shop for, they'll tell you exactly what they need and where to get it. But some women are tricky, they don't want to let on they want to specific things because they don't want to be difficult.

But us girls really aren't that hard to please, trust me. If you want the perfect gift guide for all the women in your life, whether that be a girlfriend, your sister, your mom or your best friend, this is it! No thinking involved, we've got you covered this holiday season.

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Cheap Beauty Ideas

Nyx Beauty School Dropout Palette

Price: $38.00

Why She'll Love It: This palette comes with 35 creamy and pigmented eyeshadows, contouring powders, and blushes.

Buy yours here

ColourPop Golden State Of Mind Eyeshadow Palette

Price: $26

Why She'll Love It: If your girl is a golden goddess she deserves this shimmery palette from Colour Pop. All the colours are shimmery and metallic giving her a pigmented and glittery look!

Buy yours here.

E.L.F Highlighting Vault

Price: $50

Why She'll Love It: This value set comes with all of elf's best-selling highlighting products including their baked highlighters, a highlighting brush, liquid eyeshadows, illuminating mist, definition powder and more!

Buy yours here.

Colour Pop Up And Away Lip Bundle

Price: $12

Why She'll Love It: This bundle comes with 3 liquid lipsticks in a rich mahogany, burnt orange and mid-tone pink. For this super low price she'll have an amazing set of colours to choose from for any occasion.

Buy yours here

NYX Ready, Prep Go Travel Kit

Price: $35

Why She'll Love It: Take this kit anywhere with you and be prepped and ready with perfect skin along the way. It comes with a primer spray, an eyeshadow base, pore filler, liquid illuminator, illuminating powder, finishing powder and a setting spray.

Buy yours here.

Expensive Beauty Ideas

Limited Edition Tarte Pro Vault

Price: $198

Why She'll Love It: This limited edition set comes with Tarte's best lip, eye and complexion products. It comes with an Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette, a highlight and contour palette, mascara, eyeliner, creamy lip paint and cruelty-free lashes.

Buy yours here.

Fresh Creme Ancienne Soft Cream

Price: $187

Why She'll Love It: This creamy moisturizer offers supreme nourishment to the skin. Studies and reviews show that the skin feels softer and more supple within just a couple weeks of using this product.

Buy yours here

Chanel No. 5 Perfume

Price: $210

Why She'll Love It: There's a reason everyone knows about this infamous perfume. It has one of the most classic perfume smells that every woman lvoes.

Buy yours here

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Bundle

Price: $250

Why She'll Love It: Get all of Kylie's holiday kits in one bundle including the Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes, the Sugar and Spice lip kits and the Red Velvet lip kit all within the holiday edition makeup bag.

Buy yours here

Artis Brush Set

Price: $170

Why She'll Love It: This set includes 5 makeup brushes that are everything you need to create a flawless look.

Buy yours here.

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Cheap Jewelry Ideas

Kate Spade Heart Of Gold Bangle

Price: $29.91

Why She'll Love It: This slim and dainty bangle comes in 12-karat gold. With the super cute inscription of 'heart of gold' on the inside it's super trendy and heartfelt gift.

Buy yours here.

Boston Terrier Stud Earrings

Price: $10.67

Why She'll Love It: Little dog lovers will absolutely love these tiny earrings for Christmas! If she has a Boston Terrier that's a bonus but they also have all kinds of shapes like foxes, daisies, rockets and much more.

Buy yours here.

Kendra Scott Necklace

Price: $63.98

Why She'll Love It: This beautiful necklace is made with 14k gold including a rose quartz stone. Add something sparkly and cute to any outfit.

Buy yours here.

Pearl Ring Set

Price: $22

Why She'll Love It: A simple ring set like this one can dress up any simple outfit. It comes with 4 different rings, each with their own design accent.

Buy yours here.

Kate Spade Mini Stud Earrings

Price: $29.91

Why She'll Love It: Bring some glitter into your life with these super cute mini stud earrings. They come in 3 different colours of glitter.

Buy yours here.

Expensive Jewelry Ideas

Girl Power Necklace

Price: $120

Why She'll Love It: We all know that the best kind of power is girl power, so display this loud and proud on super cute necklace.

Buy yours here.

Tiffany Diamond Hoop Bangle

Price: $3,250

Why She'll Love It: This dainty bracelet is simple yet stunning, creating a slimming wrist look. The accent of diamonds adds a beautiful shimmer.

Buy yours here.

Cartier Love Bracelet

Price: $14,600

Why She'll Love It: This stunning bracelet will show the woman in your life how much you care. It's made with 18k pink gold and 10 brilliant-cute diamonds.

Buy yours here.

Pandora Cascading Glamour Necklace

Price: $200

Why She'll Love It: This necklace is made with stunning cubic zirconia stones, a statement pendant and is super shimmery!

Buy yours here.

Tiffany Heart Pendant

Price: $1,500

Why She'll Love It: This stunning necklace is made with 18k rose gold with round diamonds. It's an extra mini heart to give the necklace a delicate look.

Buy yours here.

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Cheap Loot Box Ideas

Fab Fit Fun Box

via @fabfitfun

Price: $49.99 per season

Why She'll Love It: Every season she'll receive a box full of goodies from makeup to skin care to cozy clothes to jewelry! Every box contains goodies with a $200+ value for just $49.99.

Buy yours here.


via @elleboxco

Price: $29.99

Why She'll Love It: This box is a monthly subscription that arrive just before her time of the month. It contains tampons, pads, tea, self care gifts and all kinds of desserts to make sure she's 100% comfortable.

Buy yours here.

Glossy Box

via @glossybox_us

Price: $21 per month

Why She'll Love It: 5 of the latest beauty products will be delivered to her door monthly. She can stay up to date on all the best beauty trends!

Buy yours here.

Beauteque Monthly

via @beautequemonthly

Price: $24 per month

Why She'll Love It: Receive a box full of full-sized Korean beauty products every month like sheet masks, blackhead cleansers, beauty powders and so much more!

Buy yours here.

Lip Monthly

via @lipmonthly

Price: $12.95 per month

Why She'll Love It: Receive a bag of full-sized amazing lip products to your door every single month! Everything from lipsticks, lip balms, lip stains and everything in between is included with 4-5 products in each bag.

Buy yours here.

Expensive Loot Crate Ideas

Breo Box

via @breobox

Price: $139 per season or $159 for one-time purchase

Why She'll Love It: Join this season subscription and receive a box full of hand-picked premium essentials. These essentials include everything from new electronics like the Amazon Echo Dot, lifestyle products like Swell water bottles, and much more!

Buy yours here.

​​​​​​Box Of Style

via @tzrboxofstyle

Price: $99.99 per box

Why She'll Love It: Give the gift of chic this holiday season by purchasing this box filled with the season's most coveted finds. The box contains everything from jewelry to fashion to beauty products!

Buy yours here.

Cozy Reader Club

via @cozyreaderclub

Price: $64.95

Why She'll Love It: This amazing box is everything a book lover could want this holiday season. The box contains a recently released hard cover women's fiction novel, artisan beverages like coffee, hot chocolate and teas, and delicious treats to make your reading experience as cozy as possible.

Buy yours here.

Gift Izzy

via @giftizzy

Price: $150 per month

Why She'll Love It: It's like a luxury boutique being delivered to your door every month. This monthly box contains limited edition handmade accessories from European designers with 3-4 products in each box.

Buy yours here.

Bloomsy Box

via @bloomsybox

Price: $39.99-$48.99 per month

Why She'll Love It: Handpicked stunning bouquets of flowers will be delivered every month straight from the farm. There's nothing better than fresh flowers to make a home feel cozy!

Buy yours here.

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Cheap Clothes Ideas

I Believe In Wine T-Shirt

Price: $38

Why She'll Love It: Most women have an undying love for wine, so why not let her express this on a stylish T-shirt? It's a casual shirt for just about any situation.

Buy yours here.

Knit Wool Sweater

Price: $39.99

Why She'll Love It: Now that winter's here it's the time to layer T's, sweaters and long johns to stay warm. This chunky knit sweater is cute on it's own or layered over your favourite turtle neck or t-shirt.

Buy yours here.

Sequin Cami Dress

Price: $43.90

Why She'll Love It: No doubt, she's already thinking about her New Year's outfit for your big night out, so why not buy her a sparkly dress that she'll look amazing in?

Buy yours here.

Faux-Fur Infinity Scarf

Price: $65.85

Why She'll Love It: This cozy, cruelty-free scarf is sure to keep her warm this winter season. It has super soft faux-fur on the outside and a jersey knit on this inside for a reversible style.

Buy yours here.

Gingerbread Man Pyjama Set

Price: $45

Why She'll Love It: Help your girl get super cozy this winter season in a festive pyjama set that can be worn year-round, because why not?

Buy yours here.

Expensive Clothes Ideas

Urban Outfitters Oversized Cardigan

Price: $82

Why She'll Love It: Every girl needs a cozy oversized cardigan in their closets for layering and Urban Outfitters does them best. This one comes in 4 different stylish colours.

Buy yours here.

Micheal Kors Zip Backpack

Price: $342.10

Why She'll Love It: Having a mini backpack is something every woman loves because it fits all the essentials without being a struggle to carry around. The Micheal Kors backpack comes in 4 different colours crafted in grained leather.

Buy yours here.

Lingua Franca Cashmere Sweater

Price: $360

Why She'll Love It: Lingua Franca sells these super cute embroidered sweaters with pop culture quotes on them. They're all made of cashmere for a super soft and enjoyable wear.

Buy yours here.

Aritzia Leather Jacket

Price: $552

Why She'll Love It: Made with soft leather-lamb jacket that has been faded with Mackage's exclusive process. It's a unique retro-look that deserves the price tag.

Buy yours here.

Zohara Wrap Dress

Price: $409.60

Why She'll Love It: Free People offers tons of beautiful dresses that are perfect for fancy nights out, like New Year's Eve. This dress will make her shimmer in gold and flows with ruffled accents at the edges.

Buy yours here.

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Cheap Book Ideas

Bad Feminist: Essays By Roxane Gay

Price: $19.79

Why She'll Love It: Read a collection of essays spanning from politics to criticism to feminism from a young cultural observer, Roxane Gay.

Buy yours here.

Yes Please By Amy Poehler

Price: $17.99

Why She'll Love It: Amy Poehler is one of the most hilarious girl bosses that we all look up to. Read her novel full of hilarious stories, thoughts, ideas haikus and much more.

Buy yours here.

The Sun And Her Flowers By Rupi Kaur

Price: $9.89

Why She'll Love It: Read the second book of poetry by the eloquently spoken, Rupi Kaur. Follow her beautiful words as they take you on a journey through growth and healing.

Buy yours here.

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers To Absurd Hypothetical Questions By Randall Munroe

Price: $10.56

Why She'll Love It: Read this hilarious book that covers just about any ridiculous question and the actual serious scientific response to them including amazing stick figure drawings.

Buy yours here.

Everything I Never Told You By Celeste Ng

Price: $13.05

Why She'll Love It: Read this New York Times Best Seller that follows the lives of a Chinese American family living in small-town Ohio in the 1970s. After their daughter Lydia dies, the family's dynamic tumbles into chaos.

Buy yours here.

Expensive Book Ideas

Lean In By Sheryl Sandberg

Price: $28.95

Why She'll Love It: It isn't easy for women in the workplace, especially as we begin to climb up the career ladder. Sheryl Sandberg opens the conversation about common struggles and how women can lean in to their careers in order to succeed in a male-dominated workplace.

Buy yours here.

Obama: An Intimate Portrait: The Historic Presidency In Photographs By Pete Souza

Price: $52

Why She'll Love It: Who doesn't love ex-president Obama? Relive the historic presidency through the White House photographer's amazing pictures.

Buy yours here.

The Subtle Art Of Not Give A F*ck By Mark Manson

Price: $21.99

Why She'll Love It: This New York Times Best Seller written by blogger Mark Manson cuts through all the crap that other self-help books pitch and tells it like it really is.

Buy yours here.

How Should A Person Be? By Sheila Heti

Price: $29.95

Why She'll Love It: An amazing portrayal of friendship, sex, and love in the new millennium. It's honest and hilarious, a book you can really relate to as you're reading it.

Buy yours here.

The Goldfinch By Donna Tartt

Price: $33

Why She'll Love It: This book is beloved by famous authors such as Stephan King for it's amazing story-telling ability that will pull at your heartstrings on every single page.

Buy yours here.

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Cheap Vacation Ideas

All-Inclusive Trip To Mexico

via @villadelpalmarcancun

Price: $148/night

Why She'll Love It: Get everything included from meals to drinks to fun activities at this resort in Cancun.

Book your stay here.

Trip To Ecuador

via @that_nic_chick

Price: $4 for meals, $14 for hostels

Why She'll Love It: Ecuador is a lively, exciting travel destination in South America that has amazing food, culture and nature to explore.

All-Inclusive Trip To Punta Cana

via @marinapumar

Price: $180/night

Why She'll Love It: Spend your days soaking up the sun on the beach, drinking fruity cocktails in the sand and swimming in bright blue waters.

Book your stay here.

All-Inclusive Trip To Jamaica

via @carriedaway_travel

Price: $318/night

Why She'll Love It: Enjoy the lively culture, swimming in the brightest water you've ever seen and eating flavourful foods!

Book your stay here.

Expensive Vacation Ideas

Trip To Cocoa Islands In The Maldives

via @travelertour

Price: $900/night

Why She'll Love It: This is a perfect place for a romantic getaway with your girl. Your accommodations stand on stilts above the bright turquoise waters with a curving boardwalk to connect you to the main island.

Book your stay here.

Trip To Matangi Private Island Resort In Fiji

via @privateislandcompany

Price: $770/night

Why She'll Love It: Spend your days hiking through the rainforest, snorkelling in the crystal blue waters, and drinking cocktails on a private beach secluded form everything and everyone.

Book your stay here.

Trip To Lake Como, Italy

via @ecetarbar

Price: $798/night

Why She'll Love It: Lake Como is known for it's breathtaking scenery and it also has amazing upscale resorts that make for a romantic getaway.

Book your stay here.

Trip To Villa Corallina In Tahiti

via @mathildedusser

Price: $430/night

Why She'll Love It: Enjoy life's truly simple pleasures at this stunning resort in Tahiti. Swim with manta rays in crystal blue waters, drink from fresh coconuts and relax on the white sandy beaches.

Book your stay here.

For Homemade Gift Ideas, Click "NEXT"

DIY Ombre Glitter Coffee Mug

Why She'll Love It: Girls love mugs with cute sayings/patterns on it. It makes it even better if you can create something yourself that's totally unique to her and what she likes.

Watch tutorial video here.

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Why She'll Love It: If she has a green thumb she'll really appreciate this super cute way to grow your own herbs. Create pleasing name tags on adorable mason jars for an aesthetically pleasing garden!

Watch tutorial video here.

DIY Moisturizing Body Scrub

Why She'll Love It: All women appreciate good skin care products, so if you can make her something that is super moisturizing and smells great she'll be guaranteed to use it!

Watch tutorial video here.

DIY Plant Hangers

Why She'll Love It: This is a great way to save money but still create a gift that she'll love. Buy her and plant and create one of these stylish holders to bring some life into her space.

Watch tutorial video here.

DIY Oversized Leather Clutch

Why She'll Love It: This simple leather clutch is something she can 100% be used in her everyday life. It's super useful and stylish and can be paired with basically any outfit.

Watch tutorial video here.

DIY Washi Tape Journals

Why She'll Love It: These super cute journals are perfect for someone who loves to write and jot down thoughts during the day. Washi tape has tons of patterns and colours to choose from based on her taste.

Read tutorial instructions here.

DIY His And Hers Pillow Cases

Why She'll Love It: These super cute pillows will be giving you both a present this holiday season. They're easy to make and add a little something special to your bedroom.

Read tutorial instructions here.

DIY Neon Coiled Bowls

Why She'll Love It: These adorable bowls make for a pretty place to store jewelry and anything else while adding a little pop of colour in any room in your house.

Read tutorial instructions here.

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Cheap Home Accessories

Pink Champagne Candle

Price: $10

Why She'll Love It: You can't go wrong with a candle to make your home feel a little bit more cozy during the winter. This candle contains hints of pink grapefruit, white jasmine and Persian lime.

Buy yours here.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Price: $54.99

Why She'll Love It: Enjoy the perfect bath upgraded to ultimate relaxation status with this bathtub caddy. Place your iPad, laptop, glass of wine, candle and anything else you may want right above you while you soak your worries away!

Buy yours here.

Anthropologie Bowl

Price: $16

Why She'll Love It: Add an artistic flare to your kitchen with this adorable bowl. Buy just one or a few to make eating your morning breakfast that much better.

Buy yours here.

Glitter Bomb Tumblers

Price: $28

Why She'll Love It: Add some sparkle to your life with these adorable tumblers. These glasses create the illusion that your glass of wine is sparkling!

Buy yours here.

Feelin' Myself Bath Mat

Price: $34

Why She'll Love It: Add some attitude to your bathroom and make her feel like she looks gorgeous immediately after she wakes up in the morning.

Buy yours here.

Expensive Home Accessory Ideas

Nespresso Coffee Machine

Price: $319

Why She'll Love: Save tons of money of buying coffee from cafes with this easy to use home coffee maker. All you have to do is place the coffee pod in the machine, add water and voila!

Buy yours here.

Urban Outfitters Wyatt Sofa

Price: $629

Why She'll Love It: This sleek, grey couch will fit in perfectly with anyone's living room. It comes with 3 seat cushions, textural-blend linen fabric, and a versatile design.

Buy yours here.

Solo Pendant Light

Price: $324

Why She'll Love It: Add a warm, geometric design to your home space with this unique ceiling light.

Buy yours here.

SMEG Standing Mixer

Price: $459.95

Why She'll Love It: If she loves to bake then this is a great investment that she'll enjoy all the time. Comes with a stainless steal mixing bowl, detachable accessories, and an ergonomic handle.

Buy yours here.

Ikea Strandmon Arm Chair

Price: $299

Why She'll Love It: Bring a cozy reading nook into her space with this comfy arm chair. The design provides support to your neck and back and it comes in a dark grey colour that fits in with any living room space.

Buy yours here.

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Cheap Electronic Ideas

Native Union Lightning Charge Cable

Price: $34.99

Why She'll Love It: Charges your electronic devices much faster than regular cables, has a cute design in taupe, compatible with most Apple devices, lifetime warranty.

Buy yours here.

Ringly Go Smart Bracelet

Price: $125

Why She'll Love It: The Ringly Go Smart Bracelet sends notifications from your cell phone, tracks your activity, guides you through meditation exercises, and comes in a super pretty style!

Buy yours here.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Price: $49.99

Why She'll Love It: The Fire TV Stick allows you a voice activated stick that accesses Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and 4,000 apps and games.

Buy yours here.

Camera And Video Drone

Price: $66.90

Why She'll Love It: If she's into photography, then this drone is perfect for getting those 'eye in the sky' shots.

Buy yours here.

Fitbit Alta HR

Price: $129.95 (on sale)

Why She'll Love It: The Fitbit Alta is on-sale now with Amazon's Black Friday deals! It offers tracking of heart rate, daily steps, calories burned, sleep tracking and sends you notifications from your cell phone.

Buy yours here.

Expensive Electronic Ideas

HP Sprocket Portable Printer

Price: $159.98

Why She'll Love It: Print off photos from social media directly from your phone wherever and whenever you want. Uses Bluetooth technology so there's no wires involved and the photos come with a stick-able back so you can stick them to anything you want.

Buy yours here.

Kate Spade Hybrid Smart Watch

Price: $322.50

Why She'll Love It: This watch comes with a gorgeous, sleek style that doesn't even look like a smart watch. It sends you vibration alerts, music controls, selfie snapping, tracks steps and sleep, and sends you motivational alerts throughout the day.

Buy yours here.

iPad Mini 4

Price: $514.93

Why She'll Love It: The iPad Mini 4 comes in a small, compact size compared to the other versions, with all the same capability. She can use it to watch movies, as a portable office, to read books on her daily commute and so much more.

Buy yours here.

Raden A22 Carry-On Luggage

Price: $452.98

Why She'll Love It: This luggage might not look like much but it has tons of surprising capabilities. It can weigh itself just by lifting it, two external USB ports for charging on the go, add app to track your bag while you travel and it's completely waterproof and very strong.

Buy yours here.

Philips Picopix Wireless Projector

Price: $400.40

Why She'll Love It: Watch your favourite movies and shows on the big screen without bringing a massive TV into your room. Plug into your computer using the HDMI or USB cords and connect to speakers via Bluetooth.

Buy yours here.

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