Here's some fun history for you - A U.S. state named a city "Little Canada" after our home and native land, due to its authentic French-Canadian heritage.

Little Canada is a suburb of the Twin Cities metropolitan area in Minnesota. It was founded by a French-Canadian settler named Benjamin Gervais in 1844, which was about 20 years before Canada's Confederation. Story has it that he actually intended to settle somewhere in Canada, but ended up wandering a little too far south.

At first, he called the town "New Canada", but for the longest time the townspeople called it Little Canada. Today, the town displays a sign with a red maple leaf and fleur de lis on it as a show of pride for their French-Canadian roots. About 10,000 people live there and they are all very proud of their city.

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Some other cool facts about Little Canada:

Its sister city is Thunder Bay, Ontario. On top of celebrating the American Independence Day, the town also invites citizens of Thunder Bay down south to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st.

It was likely a location for the fur trade. Benjamin Gervais may have been accompanied by fur traders of the Hudson's Bay Company when he settled the town in the 19th century.

The town recently acquired a Tim Hortons. They used to not have one, but it only seemed fitting that Canada's iconic coffee store set up shop there. They also have maple syrup, and sometimes hold poutine events.

Their maple leaf logo is everywhere in town. It's on people's trucks, on their stationary - it's the proud symbol of the city and its citizens.

The town is very strong. They have the best bond ratings you could obtain, taxes are low, city services are plentiful and citizen satisfaction is high.

Source: National Post interview, 2013

Would you move to Little Canada? Check out Little Canada's official website here.

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