In wake of Friday the 13th it's pretty normal that myth, ghosts stories and urban legends crop up and get shared around this time - and many brush it off as folklore. However sometimes there are stories that even science can't explain - and it leaves you wondering what on earth is going on. That can be said for the happenings near McAdam, New Brunswick.

The little village of McAdam has been experiencing a record set of unexplainable small earthquakes concentrated in the area. In the past 30 days they've had 22 earthquake and back in early 2016, more than 100 earthquakes shook the McAdam area, however the reason for them was never found.

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In 2016 the quakes shook homes and broke windows but stayed relatively low on the richter scale. The quakes disappeared as suddenly as they appeared that the time and thing stayed pretty silent, until this past month.

Now residence of the area are saying that these current quakes are causing a loud noise similar to a gun shot or small explosion but louder.

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McAdams Mayor Ken Stannix says, “It will wake you up in the middle of the night, but we’ve become accustomed to them. You wake up and say ‘That must have been an earthquake,’ and then you’ll hear a couple softer bangs and then the event is over.”

The reason these quakes are so mysterious is that a seismologist at Natural Resources Canada has confirmed that there are no faults in the area, so there's no reason why the area is getting these swarms of earthquakes.

Source: Le Soliel, The Globe & Mail, The Star

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