Canada is one of the most interesting countries in the world. It's 13 provinces and territories contribute to its allure, with each one having a unique set of quirks that give the country substance and dimension.

It's common among Canadians to engage in a comparison of the different provinces and territories across the country. While debate is mostly carried out in a friendly and mature manner, sometimes it gets so heated that people get a little too carried away.

However, the non-constructive criticisms and remarks that people make about each other's provinces and territories often make for a hilarious read. To demonstrate this, here are all 13 provinces and territories in Canada described by Urban Dictionary, the world's source for brutally honest definitions:

Note:  The following definitions are strictly from Urban Dictionary and do not reflect the thoughts of Narcity or its staff.

1. British Columbia

2. Alberta

3. Saskatchewan

4. Manitoba

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 5. Quebec

6. New Brunswick

7. Nova Scotia

8. Prince Edward Island

9. Newfoundland And Labrador

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10. Ontario

11. Yukon

12. Northwest Territories 

13. Nunavut

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