Paying for car insurance sucks. You need your car, but paying thousands of dollars a year for insurance just to drive a car you already paid for isn’t fun. 

Apparently, someone in Alberta really wanted to save money on their insurance so they completely switched genders.

And the story is nuts.  

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This Reddit user claims that they were originally told their insurance as a male would cost $4,517. They then asked what it would cost if they were a woman. 

Apparently, they were told it would cost $3,423, a savings of $1,094. The user then says they started asking questions about what would happen if they legally changed their gender, and were told that if they did, their insurance cost would drop.  

And so they decided to do it - all just to save money.   

According to the user, in order to change their gender on their driver's license, they had to change their gender on their birth certificate as well.  

So they got the forms from the Alberta government and did that.

Apparently, they needed a physician to sign off on their gender switch, and managed to pull that off as well. They explained that they didn’t need sex reassignment surgery because gender qualifies in Canada as “a state of mind.” 

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After everything they changed the gender on their license and have been paying less for car insurance ever since. The whole process cost them $100.  

So there you have it. If you’re a male driver looking to save money on car insurance then apparently this is an option for you. You can read the whole post on Reddit here

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