Dating is a tricky thing no matter what age you are. It usually involves some mind games, you questioning yourself and your self-worthy and someone usually ends up getting hurt in the process of all that. 

But the way the dating game works is completely different from when you're in your 20s and when you're in your 30s. Your 20s are the time for you to be completely carefree, experiment with whoever you want and not be serious about anything or anyone because you have the rest of your life to be serious! 

Your 30s are the time when at least half of your friends are probably married, some have kids and if you're still in the dating game you're probably feeling the pressure to settle down right about now. But that does not mean you're going to settle for just anyone! 

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Where You Meet 


-In Your 20s

When you're in your 20s, partying and going out is still a big part of your life. If you're not going to the new 'it' spot and posting pics of you and your friends having fun, well that's okay too, but most of us are! 

You might also be meeting your new dates through Tinder, which is a super popular way to meet a quick hook-up in today's dating world. 

-In Your 30s 

When you're in your 30s going out to clubs and bars isn't a huge part of your life anymore. Some of your friends are already married and settled down.  

But if you're still on the dating scene in your 30s you'll most likely meet people through your friends, at your workplace or even on-line dating apps (but probably not Tinder). 

It's also a great idea to get actively  involved in hobbies and this way you can meet people who like the same things as you! 

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Having Sex 

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-In Your 20s 

When you're still in your 20s you're still experimenting and figuring out what you're like in bed and what other people like in bed. You're way more carefree when it comes to having sex because you're not in a rush to settle down. 

You'll be able to get the most out of your life . The pressure just isn't there so you can enjoy it! 

-In Your 30s 

By the time you reach your 30s you know what you like and you're not afraid to tell them. You're in no business to pretend that you're enjoying it when you really are not. 

It's much sexier when someone can tell you what they like and they just acted like they were having a great time the whole time. 

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What You Fight About

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-In Your 20s 

When you're still young and in your 20s there's a lot of insecurity that you haven't been able to shake yet. You'll probably end up fighting with your S/O if you see that he's texting another girl, liked another girl's bikini pic on Instagram or hasn't deleted his Tinder account yet. 

Yes, all of these things sound trivial but once you've moved into that 'serious relationship' territory, discovering these things can easily cause some arguments.

-In Your 30s 

If your guy is texting another girl when you're dating in your 30s he's most likely already gone. You do not get up with those kind of mind games anymore. It's the real stuff that causes the fights now. 

Like, did he remember to do the dishes? Did he put your nice 'hang to dry only' in the dryer and shrink it? Those sort of things are really what gets you going.

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Deal Breakers 

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-In Your 20s

There aren't a lot of deal breakers when you're in your 20s honestly. You're still in this area where people can range from students to just starting out in their careers. So the amount of money someone has isn't very important.

All you really care about is that they're not a complete asshole and they're attractive! Everything else is just icing on the cake basically. 

-In Your 30s 

When you're dating in your 30s you've already been through all the worst kinds of dates. So you won't put up with any of that crap anymore.

They absolutely can't be living with their parents anymore, he's got to have a stable job, they should be looking for some level of commitment if you are and the most important thing is that they can hold a good conversation over being attractive. 

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Going On Dates 

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-In Your 20s 

You're still interested in keeping things casual when you're on a date in your 20s. Anything from a cute coffee date to going out for drinks or dinner at a casual restaurant will do, you're really not picky. 

There's always that panic at the end of the date though: Is he going to pay for dinner or should I? Should we split the bill? I think it's usually best to split that's just one girl's opinion! 

-In Your 30s

A date in your 30s is most likely going to be a dinner date at a casual but nice place. You want somewhere with a fancy atmosphere but that's casual enough that there's not that much pressure. 

He should definitely pay for dinner or at the very least offer. By paying, it shows that he has a decent job and he's financially stable enough to treat you to a nice meal once in a while! 

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-In Your 20s

When you're in your 20s you're probably not looking for anything too serious. Of course, there's some people who fall in love in their 20s and stay with their S/O for a few years but it's most likely not a forever thing. 

That doesn't mean we don't get unrealistically attached to people that end up being the worst decision for us in the entire world. That actually happens a lot, TBH. We'll deal with it by eating lots of ice cream and ranting it to our friends about how we're quitting guys for good and then eventually we'll be over it and back on Tinder again.

-In Your 30s

By the time you reach your 30s you're looking for someone to settle down with. You're painfully aware of the fact that your biological clock is ticking and you need to hop on the baby train soon if you're going to catch it.

But that doesn't mean every guy you go out with has to be "the one". At this point you're a master at weighing your options and you won't waste a second on someone who just doesn't measure up. 

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Getting Serious

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-In Your 20s 

Once your relationship starts getting serious in your 20s you'll be spending so much time with the other person that you practically live together. You won't take that step though because that would make things too serious. 

You'll go to your S/O to rant about the drama with your friends, to complain about school/work problems and to celebrate all the good things that happen in your life!

-In Your 30s 

It takes a lot for you to get serious when you're in your 30s. You know what you're looking for in a relationship and you're not just going to jump into something without thoroughly weighing the pros and cons. 

You need to figure out if they have the same goals as you, if they're able to make you happy and keep you happy and if they can actually love you properly and not just the other way around. 

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-In Your 20s 

Breakups are very painful when you are in your 20s, especially if you have a relationship where one person thinks it's moving toward something and the other doesn't. It's hard to let go of that idea of ​​the future you had in your head. 

More often than not you'll end up giving your ex a second chance somewhere down the line, but this is a TERRIBLE idea, just don't do it. It's probably going to end the exact same way and you're going to feel all these feels over again. 

-In Your 30s 

It's easy for you to make a clean break when you're in your 30s. Sure you were in a serious relationship and it really sucks to have to start this process all over again, but you know when it's just isn't going to work and you'd rather just move on with your life. 

You know that there's no point clinging to anything that's clearly not worth your time. So it's best to move on and get your friends to set you up on a blind date! 

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