Having lived in Alberta for 18 years, it's safe to say I've seen a lot of interesting things. Alberta is a place that has a lot of stereotypes inflicted upon us, many of which are, unfortunately, true.

Whether you like living here or not, it's always good to have a sense of humour and take time to laugh about all the ridiculousness that happens here. We can all suffer through Deerfoot traffic, second winter, and wannabe cowboys together. 

Spring is an urban legend here.

Another hail storm? Take advantage of the ice, and drink about it.

The purest form of birth control I've ever seen.

"Oh, you went to *insert small Alberta town here*? How was it?"

The mall will almost always be the highlight of your trip.

Will we ever tire of hating Nickelback? Nope.

Winter is coming. 

This is a photo from Houston, but as the Texas of Canada, I imagine Alberta would be the same.

We're so used to the insane weather, it doesn't phase us in the slightest anymore.

When you sleep through your alarm and have two minutes to get to work. We've all been there.

When the weather is more confused than your ex. Yikes.

Albeerta, because all there is to do here is drink.

Ah, good old Med Hat.

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