Let's just be blunt, Calgary is one of the most annoying places ever when it comes to slang. If you live or have spent large amounts of time in Calgary, I'm sure you've heard or even used a few of these words. No need to be ashamed, we've all done it.

We have a pretty distinct slang that's typically used by Calgarians aged 16-24. Some originated elsewhere, but still heavily used, nonetheless. However, the slang doesn't discriminate. Here is your Calgarian dictionary if you aren't from a part of Canada that uses this slang. This one's "fer da boys."


Definition: The name we call our city because we have many farms slightly outside the city and it often smells of cow sh!t.

No, we definitely do not care that Calgary is a city.


Definition: A slightly more annoying and supposedly easier way of saying "Alberta."

Contracting (to shorten a word/phrase) because pronouncing those two extra letters would just take way too long. You gotta say this one with a lil' country twang for you to really feel it.


Definition: (not to be confused with the term "peed", the past tense of "pee" which means "urinate") A supposedly easier way of referring to the Calgary Stampede.

Again, contracting because the whole word is just too many letters.

Ferda Boys

[Also used as: "Ferda", "Fer Da Boys", "Ferda Bois", "FTB", etc, etc, etc.]

Definition: "For the boys". Often the common excuse for a guy to do something extremely dumb while drunk.

Calgarian Pro-Tip: If a guy ever says he's about to do something "Ferda boys" - run.


Definition: Cal-gree.

So many contractions, you'd think we're pregnant (I know, I'm guilty of this one... shh).


[Also seen as: "May-Longyy", "May-Longyyy", "May-Longyyyy"]

Definition: A term for the May long weekend a.k.a. Victoria Day weekend.

Calgarian Pro-Tip: The more Y's you use, the drunker we know you are.


Definition: The body type that the country boys are trying to achieve.

Most people achieve their dream body by working out, Dad-Bod enthusiasts achieve their body types by drinking unholy amounts of beer and then crushing the cans.


Definition: The slang name for Okotoks, a small town outside Calgary.

I'm sure you can guess why.

Jus' Given'er.

[Also seen as: "Just Given'er", "Give'r", "Giv'ner"]

Definition: Literally meaning to do something fast/hard or put an excessive amount of effort into a task.

This term was made popular by the movie, FUBAR. We all wish it wasn't.

"F#!%*n' eh!"

Definition: Often used in agreement. Sometimes used in disagreement. Can be used in place of "what the hell?". Usually used when drunk. A great tattoo idea.

This term is usually followed by the terms "bud" or "man."


Definition: A term used to address your best friend, your beer, the guy you're trying to friendzone & the dude you're about to punch in the nose.

Us Canadians are so sweet. This term is just the gift that keeps on giving.

"Get Weird"

Definition: Getting drunk enough to perform questionable acts and not feel like a total asshat about it. Made popular by the show Workaholics.

If a person walks into a party and yells "Let's Get Weird" - you should probably leave that party. Authorities will be called by the end of the night.

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