According to Google, a "hipster" is defined as "a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream." So, I'm sure you're wondering what a "hipster food" exactly is. Well, hipster food is the almost religious diet of hipsters. The food that they knew about before it was cool and all the hipsters are raving about. How can you spot a hipster food? If you've seen it on the "popular" or "trending" pages of social medias like Instagram and Tumblr... It's most likely a hipster food.

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Now, I'm sure you're wondering where you can find these oh-so-hip foods and also become a Calgarian hipster. Fear not, friends. Calgary has quite a few places where you can enjoy "hipster foods" and while we're willing to share our secrets with you, be sure to keep it on the DL. We wouldn't want these foods to become mainstream, of course.

Pro-Tip: These foods pair best with skinny jeans, a fedora, and an alternative band on vinyl.

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Avocado Toast

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Bubble Tea / Boba

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Cold-Pressed Juices

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Kale Salad

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Smoothie Bowls / "Raw" Bowls

  • Cru Juice // multiple locations
  • Wild & Raw // 1119 Kensington Rd NW
  • Jugo Juice // multiple locations


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Specialty Ice Cream

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Deep Fried Pickles

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Insane Milkshakes

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