It's that time of year again! The YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is back this February and we're so excited. The YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is an annual hot chocolate competition presented by Calgary Meals On Wheels that brings out the best hot cocoa in all of Calgary.

Many cafes and restaurants throughout the city participate in the Hot Chocolate Fest by coming up with delicious specialty hot chocolates that are only available during the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. A portion of the sales goes towards the support of the clients at Calgary Meals On Wheels, so you can enjoy delicious hot cocoa while giving back!

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While all the hot chocolates participating in the Hot Chocolate Fest are definitely worth trying before the end of the fest, here are a few that we think might help you start off your Hot Cocoa bucketlist or "passport". You definitely don't want to miss out on all these insane chocolatey drinks!

Don't forget to vote for your favourite drinks all through the month of February!

via @euphoriacafe

Euphoria Cafe's "The Avalanche"

Perfect for: Marshmallow Lovers!

This smooth and delicious hot cocoa is topped with a wild combo of torched marshmallows, caramel drizzle, salted pretzels and a bit of cinnamon. Oh, and did I mention marshmallows? They didn't name it "The Avalanche" for nothing!

via @thehexcafe

Hexagon Cafe's "Hobbit's Hot Chocolate"

Perfect For: LOTR Fans

This Hot Chocolate came straight out of Mordor! From steamed milk to caramel drizzle whipped cream to smoked bacon; there's not a Hobbit in the world that wouldn't love this drink!

via @wildandraw

Wild & Raw's Lavender-Infused White Hot Chocolate

Perfect For: The Health Nut & The Vegetarian/Vegan

Worry not, our vegan/vegetarian friends, you can join in on the fun too! Who knew hot chocolate could be so healthy? Wild & Raw's tasty lavender-infused, dairy-free white hot chocolate is guaranteed to blow your mind.

via @anejoyyc

Anejo's "El Jefe" Hot Chocolate

Perfect For: The thrill seeker.

Anejo's El Jefe Hot Chocolate gives you the perfect taste of Mexico... in a cup of hot cocoa. From chili powders to El Jefe Tequila... this hot cocoa is the perfect drink for those looking to spice up their chocolate-y drink.

Ollia Macarons & Tea's "Fleur de Sel Caramel Drinking Chocolate"

Perfect for: Caramel Lovers

Caramel on caramel on caramel! I don't think caramel ever tasted so good. Creamy hot chocolate mixed with Ollia's "Fleur de Sel" salted caramel sauce topped with caramel whipped cream and a caramel marshmallow... basically every caramel lover's dream!

via @lightcellar

Light Cellar's "White Chocolate Matcha Kiss"

Perfect For: The Health Nut/Superfood Lover

This delicious matcha kiss-infused white hot chocolate is perfect for those who are eager to get a daily dose of super-foods. This drink is topped with a hand-made mint marshmallow that was created from grass-fed gelatin. Yum! Oh, and did I mention it's gluten free?

via @highergroundcafe

Higher Ground's Nutty Orange White Hot Chocolate

Perfect For: Orange & Hazelnut Lovers!

Higher Ground never disappoints with their delicious warm drinks. You get the best of both worlds with their Nutty Orange White Hot Chocolate. Tasty white hot cocoa mixed with Higher Ground's signature hazelnut syrup and Cointreau orange liqueur. Beautifully topped off with nutmeg and whipped cream. Mouthwatering!

via @totaliteayyc

TotaliTea's "Chocolate Kisses"

Perfect For: Chocoholics/Kisses lovers.

TotaliTea's chocolate fest entry is just as delicious as its name! This peppermint and Kisses infused hot cocoa might just be the best thing to ever grace your taste buds. Deliciously topped with chocolate sprinkles and foamy whipped cream - this drink is chocolate heaven.

Waves Coffee's Theatre Style Hot Chocolate

Perfect For: The Theatre Geeks (and Caramel lovers)

Waves Coffee's is basically liquid caramel corn. It'll definitely have you feeling like a night at the theatre. This creamy chocolate drink is topped with foamy whipped cream, delicious caramel drizzle and chocolate/caramel covered popcorn to pull it all together.

via @alfornobakery

Alforno's 1502

Perfect For: The Spice Lovers

Alforno's Sriracha flavoured hot cocoa is guaranteed to blow your mind. The 1502 is perfect for those who love to indulge in some spiced-chocolates. It also contains a hint of passionfruit which pulls the entire ensemble together.

via @cafeblanca

Cafe Blanca's Hazelnut Heaven

Perfect For: Hazelnut/Vanilla Lovers

Cafe Blanca has created the perfect mix of chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla in their Hazelnut Heaven Hot Chocolate. This drink is topped with a ton of soft, fluffy marshmallows and blue vanilla whipped cream. Make your tastebuds happy!

via @fiascogelato

Fiasco Gelato's "Red Velvet" Drinking Chocolate

Perfect For: The Red Velvet Lover

Do you love Red Velvet? Well, Fiasco Gelato's the place for you. Their delicious Dutch hot cocoa is made with caramel dust and topped with a sweet marshmallow coated with red velvet cake crumbs. Basically a red velvet cake in liquid form.

Hyatt Regency's "Double Back Flip"

Perfect For: Bailey's Irish Cream Lovers

The Hyatt Regency's double back flip is the perfect spirited warm drink. Bailey's white hot chocolate with whipped cream... can't get any better than that.

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