Millennials have been kicking ass and making waves all across Calgary! YYC is flooded with amazing people with incredible talent, innovative minds, and so much more - and honestly, we can't get enough. Of course, the people mentioned in this article are just a fraction of Calgary's extremely driven and determined young wave-makers and there are much more to come.

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These young influencers work extremely hard at what they do and you won't want to miss the opportunity to watch them bring the community together, introduce new concepts and ideas and change the game all over the city and possibly even the world. These people are making a huge difference across the city and deserve some recognition.

Beni Johnson // @what.beni.jay.say

Why He's On Our Radar: Beni Johnson is the master of entrepreneurship. He has changed the game in the Calgary hip-hop scene which seems to be growing more and more since his additions. (Such as 10 at 10 Calgary) Beni J was also listed as one of Calgary's Top 40 under 40 - and rightfully so!

via @youaintyourweight

Jenna Free // @youaintyourweight

Why She's On Our Radar: Jenna Free is a blogger who emphasizes self-love, body-positivity, and positive mental health. She encourages healthy living and loving the skin you're in, which is much needed in today's society when constant dieting seems to be the norm. Jenna is definitely bringing the concept of self-love to the fitness community which helps people change the way they view fitness and more importantly, the way they view themselves.

via @artingwithmakambe

Makambe Simamba // @artingwithmakambe

Why She's On Our Radar: Makambe Simamba is an actress, playwright, artist, and so much more. Makambe shared her African heritage through her play "A Chitenge Story" which she performed in 2015 as a solo act. Her play was emotional and held the attention of everyone in the room. Makambe is also an amazing artist and a strong activist for social justice.

via @flopsylife

Britt Tataryn // @flopsylife

Why She's On Our Radar: Britt Tataryn is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who focuses on sustainability. Her brand emphasizes mental health spirituality and wellness as well as living "slowly" and shopping locally and ethically. Britt is encouraging Calgarians to live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle while taking care of ourselves from the inside out.

Henry Acteson & Callum McCormack // @acteson.mccormack

Why They're On Our Radar: Henry Acteson & Callum McCormack are talented Calgarian film photographers and videographers. They are the minds behind the publishing collective "AM Goods" in which they create and publish hard copies of their amazing work. These two are force to be reckoned with and definitely showcase a different side of art and photography.

via @miniinaaz

Naz Rahman // @miniinaaz

Why She's On Our Radar: Naz Rahman is a 20-year-old U of C student and Beauty Guru/Beauty Blogger. The definition of beauty and brains! She expresses herself by creating stunning makeup looks on her Instagram and prides herself in spreading positivity. She often incorporates her Bangladeshi culture in many of her gorgeous makeup looks.

David OK + Chris Yamez // @blvck_visuals

Why They're On Our Radar: Individually, David (aspiring director and photographer) and Chris (model and musician) are incredibly talented, but together - they'll take on the world. David and Chris are the creators of Blvck Visuals, a multimedia business that specializes in photography, videography and so much more. Their special/visual effects are so impressive and bring an insane concept to the world of photography and videography in Calgary. They are definitely a pair you need to book your next shoot with!

via @beachseason

Sam Avant & Simon Blitzer // @beachseason

Why They're On Our Radar: Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer are the duo behind the Calgary pop/hip-hop/r&b/electronic fusion band, Beach Season. Sam and Simon's band recently released their EP 'Libra Year' and signed to the record label Universal Music. We can't wait to hear the new sounds these two talented musicians will bring to the table this year!

via @temymarie

Temy Marie // @temymarie

Why She's On Our Radar: Temy Marie is a former fashion blogger who started her own fashion line called Aduke Couture. Temy's line brings the beauty and vibrancy of African fashion to modern sophisticated and classy outfits. Temy and Aduke Couture are changing the game when it comes to modern day fashion.

via @calgarystreets

Funeh Aliu // @calgarystreets

Why He's On Our Radar: Funeh Ali is a Calgarian photographer and artist. His street photography captures a different side of Calgary that we don't always get to see. Often in our busy lives we don't "stop and smell the roses" but Funeh Ali's photography does exactly that. He has a combination of photo journals, portraits, and street photography on his website - all extremely beautiful and inspirational.

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