Many of us have lived in Calgary for ages. Since it was the "403" and not the "403/587". But no matter how long you've lived in this city, there are a few things that you'll just never get used to. 

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Calgary is a place I've called home for a long time. Though I and many others proudly rep the Calgarian title, there are a few things about the city that we know are going to happen, yet we are surprised or frustrated every time that they do. Year...after year....

Here are a few things that you'll never get used to even though you've lived in YYC forever:

Calgary snow.

Calgarians are no stranger to snow. Yet, for some reason, we act like it every time we see it. It's no surprise to us that it snows for most of the year. You will wake up one morning in the middle of spring to find it had been snowing all night (just to have it melt by midday) but it won't pass without a series of Facebook posts announcing (complaining about) the fact that it snowed in spring.

The bone-chilling Calgary temperatures.

Not only will we never get used to the snow, but we will also never adjust to how unbelievably cold it gets here. Like, -30 cold. Every winter. Our air is dry and crisp and just about freezes your lungs with every inhale and every winter we complain about it. Because no matter how long you've lived in Calgary - that bone-chilling weather isn't something you get used to. 


People saying they moved to Calgary from BC or places...better (or warmer).

Why? Why would you subject yourself to this?

Never being able to find parking on 17th... or anywhere downtown for that matter. 

After living in Calgary for years, you learn that finding (free) parking downtown can be a needle in a haystack. Though this is something we know, we still spend hours driving in circles trying to find a parking spot that isn't a 15-minute walk from your venue. 

Calgary's interesting choice of parking prices downtown. 

The price of parking in downtown Calgary is something that we often don't understand. Why am I paying $6 every half hour?

The amount of construction the city feels it is necessary to do.

Whenever the city sees a tiny bit of sun, out comes the construction workers, the orange pylons and the "detour" signs. Because we need another bridge, or another set of traffic lights about 20 metres from the last set of traffic lights. Even though they tell us to expect delays, we never do.

Our rapid change in weather. (Gotta love those chinook winds!)

We'll go through just about every season in the span of 24 hours.


How everyone knows each other.

You have a minimum of 10 mutual Facebook friends with every person you come across. Small world. 

The lovely aroma of Alberta beef throughout random parts of the city.

Usually around the outskirts of the city and in the smaller surrounding towns — but damn, the smell of cow manure is something I'll never get used to. 

Getting left off of North American tour stops. 

We still get so surprised when an artist includes Alberta on a tour - let alone a tour date in Edmonton AND Calgary. Especially when it's someone relevant. 

How expensive the Calgary Stampede is. 

Okay, we know Stampede is expensive, but for some reason, I'm still surprised when they ask me for $17 at the door and $8 for a donut.


Doesn't stop me from going though.

The number of trucks that inhabit our roads. 

There is no way you can drive through Calgary without seeing a single truck - which isn't surprising... it's Calgary. But is there a special clause that comes with purchasing a truck that says you can never park within the lines?

How terrible our drivers can be.

The second it snows, Deerfoot becomes an episode of "Canada's Worst Drivers."

How expensive the Calgarian cost of living can be.

I could easily just be ridiculously broke - but I still feel like this city is slowly causing me to become even more broke. Who knew that was possible. I'd advise others in my position to take a couple shots and go dancing to ignore the pain but cover is probably upwards of $20. And the cost of a taxi is.... let's just not think about it.

How freaking pretty our skyline and the Calgary tower are. 

You just have to take a picture every time you see it.

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