So, you're thinking about moving to the ol' YYC. Or maybe you're not, but you should. If you're a reader of Narcity Calgary, you already know how great Calgary is. We have tons of things to do and our scenery is absolutely insane.

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Calgary seems like a great place to visit, but why live here? Well, we'll give you a few signs on how to know if Calgary is the perfect place for you to call "home." If you relate to a number of these, I hate to break it to you, but you're probably living in the wrong place. Calgary is your calling your name.

You like a balance of city and country. 

Calgary has all the inner-city busyness, and nightlife in the world — but also provides you with the serenity of the country and the mountains. You get all the nature in the world surrounding a spectacular city skyline. 

You love mountains, hiking and the outdoors.

Calgary has quick and easy access to the Rocky Mountains and many of Alberta's national/provincial parks. If you're a lover of the outdoors, Calgary is the perfect place for you. 

You're more of a lake person than an ocean person. 

The ocean can be really scary to some. It's just so big and never-ending. Calgary has tons of beautiful lakes that'll give you your "body-of-water fix" without the fear of being swallowed whole. 

You don't mind a little cowboy culture. 

If horses, cowboy hats and boots give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, Calgary is definitely your home. From the Calgary Stampede to the abundance of country shows we have every year, Calgary might just be your new home. 

You're one of those crazy people that love snow/winter/cold weather. 

I hate to break it to you, but there's a chance you might be totally insane, however, Calgary is probably a great place to live for you. It snows all the time. Even in the summer. Snowboarding in July? Why not?

You love farmer's markets. 

Oddly enough, even though our weather doesn't seem like it'd be the best for growing well... anything. We have a ton of farmer's/night markets year around. Of course, those raspberries were probably grown in BC, but organic nonetheless. 

You prefer natural scenery. 

If you enjoy looking out your window to seeing mountains, valleys and open fields as opposed to busy cities, skyscrapers and big buildings - Calgary is the place for you. Noting the fact that the mountains are almost always visible from many parts of the city, Calgary is perfect for those who enjoy a little nature in their life. 

You have a thing for the ol' western scene. 

Don't get me wrong, Calgary is totally modern. We seem to constantly be updating the city and renovating - but we never seem to lose that classic, always-loved, western vibe. Especially in our surrounding towns! (Marv's Classic Soda Shop is a must-visit!)

Caesars are your favourite cocktail. 

Obviously, you'll get the best Caesars in the place they were created! Never be unhappy with your Caesar ever again! (This seems like a pretty arbitrary reason to literally uproot your life, but who knows, the Caesar love might be so real.)

You love beer. 

Again, totally arbitrary and I hate to brag, but our craft beer scene is growing and fast. We have some of the best breweries around!

You're young, you're driven and you're innovative. 

Calgary is filled with young, educated, entrepreneurs. Calgary has a scene for basically everything. And is the perfect place to start a business. Whatever your business may be. 

You're looking for a little cultural diversity. 

Calgary is extremely culturally diverse and it shows in everything from our people to our food scene or our nightlife. Travel the world without actually travelling the world. 

You want to live somewhere that has a strong sense of community. 

I like to think of Calgary as one big happy family. The city is so welcoming and everyone is so friendly. YYC is definitely one of those cities where your local coffee shop will know your regular order. 

You love to support local businesses. 

Calgary is filled with many chains, but we have an insane amount of local businesses and that's a big part of what gives us the strong sense of community. From clothing brands to coffee shops and restaurants — our local businesses are something you'll instantly fall in love with. 

You have a fear of rats. 

Lucky for you, Calgary is completely rat free. However, we do have a lot of deer that you may have to watch out for. 

You love to explore and have a strong sense of wanderlust. 

Calgary is big and beautiful and you'll never want to stop exploring it. We have beautiful monuments, parks and an insane skyline that you'll never get tired of seeing. 

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