Stepping up your IG game can be a little tricky in YYC. We've all seen those amazing Calgarian Instagram photos that leave you wondering "Where is that?!" It seems like Calgarian photographers and bloggers have a secret code to capturing YYC in their Instagram photos or something.

Now, we can't confirm or deny a secret code, but what we can do is give you a few spots in YYC that'll definitely help step up your IG game. Grab your iPhones, friends. #MODELSTATUS *painting nails emoji*

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Rundle Ruins

If you're into that medieval, "save the princess in the tower" vibe - Rundle Ruins is the perfect place to step that IG game into a whole different era.

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McHugh Bluff Stairs

Capture the whole YYC skyline in your selfie at the McHugh Bluff Stairs in the NW. The city is almost as photogenic as you are. Almost.

Galleria Trees on Stephen Ave

If you pride yourself on the simplicity of your Instagram feed, the Galleria Trees on Stephen Ave are perfect for you. Simple, but totally gorgeous.

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The Archways Across From The Bay on 8th Ave

Not too sure if the archways actually have a proper name, but this is definitely everyone's favorite sidewalk in YYC. Perfect place to become an IG aesthetic king/queen.

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Big Rock Erratic (Okotoks - off highway 7)

Not only is Big Rock super historic, it can also make you look like you're deep in a mountain/cave - when in reality, you're just in between the cracks of a massive rock.

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The Blue Wall at Reid's on 17th Ave

A little color never hurt nobody. The Blue Wall at Reid's (710-17th Ave SW) can add the freshest pop of color to your Instagram feed.

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The Red Barn at Fish Creek Provincial Park

Feeling feisty? The Red Barn at Fish Creek is the perfect place to show off your fall #OOTD.

Graffiti Walls in Chinatown

Here's a double win for our fellow Calgarian IG addicts, get a sick background that includes street art AND the Bow Tower. Be ready for those IG numbers to skyrocket.

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The Grafitti Wall on The Camera Store on 11th Ave

Street art + Instagram is always a good combination. The graffiti walls on The Camera Store (802 11th Ave SW) are the perfect backdrop to your selfie. Make sure to get a pic underneath that crown so you can formally crown yourself as the IG king/queen.

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C-Train Stations

I'll let you in on a little secret, C-Train Stations are always the best for getting killer IG pics. If you're a frequent C-Train rider, you could get a killer #OOTD every day with little effort.

Literally anywhere Downtown Calgary

Take a stroll downtown and you're guaranteed to achieve those Sex and the City vibes on your IG.

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The Light-Up Area in Seton

If you want some sick night pics on your IG, Seton is your right-hand [wo]man.

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Leaning street lights in East Village

East Village is full of beautiful places to take pictures, much like the leaning street lights that'll beautify any IG feed.

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"Wake Me When I'm Famous" Wall Outside Voltage Garage

So much yes. Do I even have to explain why you'd want this on your IG?! The wall outside Voltage Garage (2101 34 Ave SW) will basically turn your IG into epitome of cool.

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Prince's Island Park

If you're looking for a nature backdrop to your OOTD pics, PIP is the best place to capture that - all year around!

The Peace Bridge

Of course, we could never leave out the Peace Bridge. Have you seen that lighting tho?!

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