Calgary is laid out pretty well geographically. Our city is separated into quadrants that are understandable and simple for navigation. However, although the city is split up in an efficient way (unlike one of our sister-cities... not saying any names though...) the north and south have different... "personalities" if you will.

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Being from the North is awesome. You have access to the airport (and all the sounds that come with it), the universities (and all the students that come with it), amazing ethnic restaurants, and Calgary's infamous Marlborough Mall.

Living in the North can be a pretty unique experience, so here are some signs that you are definitely a North Calgarian.

You're constantly hearing airplanes fly overhead.

You've pretty much learned to block out the sound and get over that fear that one is going to dramatically crash into your home at this point.

You have no need or desire to travel to South Calgary or even cross the Bow River for that matter.

And you're almost annoyed when people live there.

You frequent Marlborough, Sunridge, Deerfoot Mall, and/or Cross Iron Mills.

And you wonder what the hype is about Chinook.

You probably went to Churchill, Abe, Fowler, Dief, McNally, John A. MacDonald, Crescent, etc.

And your school was cooler than any of the schools in the South ?

You hear random sounds and just hope for the best.

Let's hope that was just Fireworks...

Living in the North and working in the South is a special hell.

The drive is brutal.

The real struggle is getting from the NE to the NW.

And vice versa. You're constantly wondering why it takes you half an hour to get from Tuscany to Marlborough.

There's always traffic/it's always mildly congested.

You just gotta properly time your trips and you'll be all good, right?

You know the housing prices in the North are just better.

We don't need your overpriced suburbia, South Calgary.

Contrary to the belief of Southerners, you know that North Calgary actually starts AFTER Centre St./on Memorial.

You know, when the quadrant changes from "S" to "N". That doesn't include Forest Lawn.

You're very familiar with Shaganappi, McKnight, John Laurie, Country Hills Blvd, & Beddington.

What is Anderson Rd?

You're slightly confused by that suburbia called South Calgary.

Yet, you feel slightly safer there...

You know all the places to avoid when riding the train at night.

Sketchy travels over in the Northside.

You know the difference between North Hill and Northland mall.

Northland mall is obviously on Northland Dr., southerners *face palm*.

There's always accidents and delays, so you're not even surprised anymore.

"There's a collision Northbound—" Yeah, yeah we know.

Only knowing the train stations from Saddletowne to 69th & Crowfoot to City Hall.

Are there more C-Train stations than that?

Hearing southerners rave about the restaurants in the South, but you know the real good food in YYC resides in the North.

Hello? NOtaBle? Peter's? Diner Deluxe? Boogie's? Kensington > 17th Ave. Sorry, nice try South Calg.

You can make it to U of C/SAIT without much struggle/travel.

I may live in the North, but I'm still going to be late for class.

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