Calgary and Edmonton are the two largest cities in Alberta. (One is larger than the other... but let's leave the shadiness for later in the article.) Although, the two cities are extremely similar, they are also very different. For example, one city fixes its potholes and the other allows them to become swimming pools for your vehicles.

Like any other siblings, Calgary and Edmonton love each other, but that doesn't mean there isn't a little FRIENDLY sister-city rivalry. (Let's not bring swords to this pool noodle fight, friends!)

As someone who has spent a great deal of time in both Calgary and Edmonton, I have to say, I love both cities, but Calgary is where it's at. However, that's not to say that Edmonton doesn't have some good qualities. But do the qualities measure up to (or even surpass) Calgary's? Well, we'll have to see.

(Please remember this is a friendly rivalry, we love both cities! Check out Narcity Edmonton's article here.)

Calgary does not have a pothole problem.

Let's just talk about these pot holes for a second. Edmonton, why are your roads trying to kidnap my vehicle?

Calgary's Chinooks.

How's the weather over there, Deadmonton?

Our constant blue skies.

Calgary's sky is always blue. Even in the winter. We are the sunniest city in Canada. However, Edmonton's sky is usually grey... *whispers* I hear people go there to die.

Calgary is split into quadrants that actually make sense.

Why is 5% of the city "South" & the other 95% is North? Edmonton, you're cool and all but maybe math wasn't your favourite subject.

Navigation in Calgary is just easier.

We have a few major roads that will get you literally anywhere in the city. (Deerfoot, Macleod, Stony, etc.) Also, correcting your mistakes when you make a wrong turn seems to be a little easier in Calgary.

Calgary is more modern.

Sorry Edmonton, but clearly, YYC is the younger, cooler, classier sibling. You know you're jealous of our giant blue ring. (It's a fashion statement.)

Better access to the Rockies.

Calgary is closer to Alberta's great beauties. Quick trips to the rockies can be made. We can see the mountains from parts of our city. Our scenery is just nicer. Not to mention our skyline is lit.


*drops mic* (*picks mic back up* we also live amongst less politicians, take that as you will.)

Calgary Stampede

While we can admit Edmonton may have more festivals, what Edmonton doesn't have is the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth aka the Calgary Stampede. MINI DOUGHNUTS & DEEP FRIED OREOS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Our average annual household income is the highest in Canada.

*files nails with dollar store nail file because I'm still broke*

Calgary was basically "Miss Canada 2013."

We were named Canada's best city to live in by MoneySense Magazine in 2013. Edmonton came in third. But in the famous words of Nelly, two is not a winner, and three, no one remembers...

One Love Music Festival, Globalfest, X-Fest, etc...

You may have more festivals, but quality > quantity.

Even our surrounding towns are lit.

Have you been to the High River Balloon Festival, though?!

Calgarians are nicer.

How do I know this? Well, our crime rate is lower. And personally, I believe if a larger percentage of our city is considerate enough not to break into your house, kidnap or murder you, then we must be pretty decent... right?

Our city structures are insanely beautiful.

Calgary Tower (which lights up and spins, btw), Peace Bridge, Bow Tower, that massive head, those two guys arguing on Stephen Ave, the giant blue ring... Pure artistic genius, okay.

Calgary is the cleanest city in the world.

You know what they say... "Cleanliness is next to Godliness."

Calgarians really love their city.

Even though many of us are from different places, we all seem to equally love Calgary and bond over our Calgarian pride. (And mutual hate for the Edmonton Oilers.) *Just kidding! Kinda...

The last and most important point...

Our Zoo has penguins, that is all.

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