Oh, Calgary - our beautiful, diverse, and ever-changing city. After all, we are the only Canadian city that can get country hosting the "greatest outdoor show on earth", while still having a towering downtown and #lit city nightlife. Not to mention we're a stone's throw away from the most gorgeous mountain range in the world.

There are many things to love about this city and even more things to love about the people who live here. Beyond being the polite Canadians everyone knows us to be, we're pretty unique in our own right. 

How many times have you responded "Calgary, born and raised" when people ask where you're from? Although you may be from here, are you really a "true Calgarian"? There's only one way to find out.

If you grew up in Calgary, chances are:

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1. You pronounce it “cal-gree” and not “cal-gary” like the rest of the country.

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2. You say “hey?” instead of “eh?”.

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3. You own a pair of cowboy boots.

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4. You’ve been to Peter’s at least once.

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5. You’ve waited in the absurdly long line for Nashville North at Stampede.

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6. You tear up when you think about the flood of 2013, because you’re just so damn proud of how the city rallied together.

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7. You don’t get out to the mountains nearly as much as you’d like to even though they’re SO close.

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8. You’ve spent a significant amount of your life looking for a parking spot at Chinook.

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9. You get fired up hearing country music at a pre even though you claim to hate it.

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10. You know that there are only two seasons in Calgs - winter (9 months) and construction (3 months).

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11. You bash Edmonton every chance you get.

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12. You own more plaid than you’re willing to admit.

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13. Your grad photo was taken at Scotsman Hill or Peace Bridge.

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14. You probably had to wear a snowsuit under your Halloween costume for the majority of your childhood.

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15. There’s a Flames jersey kicking SOMEWHERE in your house (if it's not already being worn).

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16. Your favourite breakfasts are free pancake breakfasts.

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17. Your bank account cries every time you have to pay for parking downtown.

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18. You cringe every time you have to take Deerfoot Trail at rush hour.

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19. You’re proud af to be from here, because it’s one of the greatest cities in the world. 

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