Congratulations! You have a match. It seems like everyone and their mama (okay, maybe not their mama) is on Tinder. I'm not gonna lie, it's convenient as hell. I will never get tired of swiping through Tinder, it's almost like a new form of people-watching.

However, when you're actually using Tinder for what it's made for, it can be a struggle, to say the least. There are so many things that will have you asking, "why?" and if you are an active Tinder user in YYC, I'm sure you can relate.

Having over 50 common connections with someone you've never seen before.

I get it, it's a small world, but how do we have 110 common connections and I've never even heard of you before? And we both go to MRU... Okay.

You or your friends have dated almost everyone who comes up on your Tinder.

Calgary has a population of 1.1 million and counting - there is no reason for sloppy seconds!

You went to school with almost everyone you've matched with.

No, thank you. I don't want to date the boy who stole my dunkaroos in Grade 2 #StillNotOverIt #TooSoon.

Running into co-workers... or even worse, your manager.

I mean that's awkward, but do what you gotta do, Glenn. You eligible bachelor, you.

Matching with someone who lives on the opposite end of the city.

And sometimes, they're inconsiderate enough to want you to come all the way to them. Yeah, no problem, I'll just leave my home in Seton to take two buses, a train, and a brisk swim across the bow river to meet with you in Nolan Hill.

Having to leave your area to find people you don't know.

Maybe I'll leave Falconridge and go hang out in Castleridge... 2.2 km makes a difference, right?

Feeling like you're the only ethnic person on the entire app.


Coming across the finest person you've ever seen in your life... and they're from Edmonton/Lethbridge.

Why, universe? Why must you do this to me?

Horrendous photos.

Tinder is literally the most shallow dating site ever, people base their interest on what you look like and you chose a photo of your bare ass, your "abs", and a photo of a flames jersey... okay.

"Let's chill tn." / "Come thru."

Um, I don't even know you? I'm not trying to get kidnapped and murdered, thanks. Not today Satan!

Trying to find a Tinder Social group that isn't going to Cowboys.

A needle in a haystack.

We get it, you play/love hockey.

Yes, hockey is life. Go Flames. We know.

Seeing someone cute in public and immediately swiping through Tinder to see if they're on there.

Maybe that's just me *laughs nervously*.

Accidentally super liking someone you know and wanting to throw yourself off the Calgary Tower.

Goodbye, cruel world.

"Only in Calgary for the weekend"

*eye roll emoji*

"The Hunters"

You can spot these Calgarian tinder users by their photos in camo with a dead animal. Usually a fish or a deer.

The "Car Enthusiasts"

I love your over-lifted, massive truck with green rims. I'm sure it'd be a nice partner since this tinder clearly belongs to it.

"Not Actually 25"

How old are you then? Why is this the only thing in your bio.

*Insert cheesy/mildly offensive pick up line here*


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