Downtown Calgary is absolutely great. For one, it's a great place to enjoy some of Calgary's best restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and bars all within walking distance. And the scenery is also pretty great if you ask me.

However, downtown definitely has some areas it needs to work on. Navigating downtown is a struggle in itself because it's just so... busy. There's so many people, cars, and taxis and it can often be overwhelming and confusing, especially for those of us who are easily frightened. Here are 29 thoughts every Calgarian has while navigating downtown.

Can I turn right/left here?

Why do we have so many random one ways?

Will my car even fit in this lane? Well, we're about to find out.

I do not feel safe driving here at all.

Stop with all the construction. Oh. My. God.

I definitely just hit that pylon with my side view mirror.

Why are these lanes so small?!

I missed my turn.

Can I turn on a red here?

Excuse me, sir, my signal is on. That means I would like to come into your lane!

Why are you honking? DON'T YELL AT ME WITH YOUR VEHICLE!

$5 per half hour of parking?! Are you serious?!

Of course, ParkPlus only takes cash and credit, of course.

Shoot, I forgot my lot number.

F$%! it. I'm just gonna accept getting a ticket.

Wow, Calgarians are really confident in their jaywalking as if a car won't literally kill them.

This guy on the C-Train smells like old cheese.

Excuse me, sir, did you have to sit right beside me?

Did I miss my stop?! Oh, no I didn't. Wait, yes I did.

Why are there so many humans?

Why are there so many cars?


What in the world are these parking signs trying to say? Can I park here or not?

Why is there a high school right on 17th?

Is this a four-way?

I want Cibo. Ooh, maybe Nando's. Wait- was that Made By Marcus?

Where am I?

Oh, there's that giant head!

Oh look, the Calgary tower!

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