For 7 years, Gilmore Girls graced our television screens with quirky hilarity and an endless emotional roller coaster that left us falling hopelessly in love with each and every character. Well, almost every character. From the rapid-fire dialogue of our beloved Gilmores, Luke's unfailing grumpiness, Sookie's heart of gold, and the mystery that is Kirk, these townies have burrowed a special place in our hearts.

Lucky for us, this November 25th Gilmore Girls with the help of Netflix is bringing us back to the streets of Stars Hollow and the seats of Luke's Diner to tug on our heartstrings one last time.

To honour our favourite GG characters returning to our screens, and in celebration of the long-awaited Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, here are 6 Calgary High Schools as Gilmore Girls characters.

Lorelai Gilmore // William Aberhart High School

Lorelai Gilmore is quirky, friendly, and talkative. She's a very animated character (not to mention, possibly one of the most talkative characters in TV history) and goes through life with a carefree attitude and mission to make everyone around her happy.

William Aberhart is known for being an awesome, non-cliquey high school. Much like Lorelai Gilmore, Abe students are super friendly, kindhearted, and love their school. Abe students and Lorelai both share cordiality and coolness.

Rory Gilmore // Western Canada High School

Western Canada High School is ranked among the top 10 schools in Calgary. Known for being very academically-oriented, Western is actually surprisingly laid back. The students at Western are very friendly, smart, and seem to really enjoy the fact their school is right on 17th Ave.

Much like the students at Western, Rory is very friendly, quirky and extremely intelligent. Rory would probably be classified as a "good girl." She stays out of trouble but is not your typical girl next door. She manages to juggle her social life, love life, and school life pretty well and she's an overall well-rounded and ambitious person, which are similar character traits to those of the students at Western.

Paris Geller // Sir Winston Churchill High School

Ranked in the top 20 schools in Alberta and top 10 in Calgary, Sir Winston Churchill is a seriously academic institution. Churchill is known for its intensive AP/IB programs and being extremely academically-oriented. Not to mention their intense math competitions.

Paris Gellar is driven, brutally honest, and extremely school-oriented. Not to mention, competitive. She takes her education very seriously and will stop at nothing to prove that she is, well, better than you. During her time at Chilton, Paris' perfectionist, snarky, and witty attitude is quite similar to the overall reputation of the student body at SWCHS. But don't worry, she chills out a little once she goes to Yale. Just a little.

Jess Mariano // Forest Lawn High School

Jess Mariano is a full-blown rebel. With a knack for breaking rules, Jess comes off as a bit of a menace. Like Forest Lawn students, Jess isn't one to conform to mainstream and popular opinions and is more likely to go against the grain. He thinks for himself and makes the rules as he goes along.

Both Jess and Forest Lawn High School are often given negative labels, but really there's more than what meets the eye. While Jess wasn't too strong academically, he was very sharp in many other ways and proved that book-smarts don't define intelligence.

Luke Danes // James Fowler High School

Luke Danes is best known for his crabbiness, sarcastic attitude, baseball hats, and flannels. His constant five o'clock shadow is also part of his signature attire. While his appearance gives off the "I don't really care" vibe, Luke is actually pretty organized and really cares about enforcing his rules in the diner.

Much like Luke, James Fowler can seem to have a bad rep,but honestly isn't that bad of a school, it just may not be some people's cup of tea. Luke's grumpiness and sarcasm can probably resonate deeply with some Fowler students.

Sookie St. James // Dr. EP Scarlett

Sookie St. James is Lorelai's quirky best friend. She's super exuberant and a great cook. Sookie's bubbliness and love for gossip are both traits similar to the rep of Dr. EP Scarlett.

Scarlett is known for their large social circle and their extreme sense of community. The students are extremely friendly and always have the 411. Not to mention, they have tons of Lancer pride.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this!

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