On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was. Today, we celebrate everyone's favorite movie. Okay, maybe not everyone, but I'm sure at some point everyone has seen and/or referenced this movie. This movie that was surprisingly inspired by a self-help book for parents was and continues to be one of the most popular movies of all time. But let's just try to forget that horrible time Disney Channel attempted at a sequel... So not fetch.

So, get in loser, we're gonna name 8 Alberta Universities as Mean Girls characters. I hope no one feels personally victimized by the article.

Regina George // University of Alberta

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by the University of Alberta. Regina George runs sh!t up in North Shore High School. Just as U of A is queen bee of Alberta. And boy, do they know it. Based in the capital of Alberta with an enrollment of over 39,000 students and holding the crown as the highest ranked University in Alberta, there's no question as to why U of A is Alberta Uni royalty. U of A, we're like, so obsessed with you.

Cady Heron // University of Calgary

For most of the movie, Cady transformed into slightly less popular version Regina. U of C is basically U of A with a slightly lower number students (a little over 30,000). However, Cady was still kickin' it and everyone at North Shore High School knew her name. U of C also has a grool mathematics department. On a scale of 1 to 10, how Cady is U of C? The limit does not exist!

Gretchen Weiners // Mount Royal University

You can't sit with us. Mount Royal is definitely the "fetch" university in Calgary. Gretchen Weiners is the rich, over-privileged, party gal of the bunch and MRU is definitely the Gretchen of Calgary. Not to mention, MRU upgraded from a college to a university because we can't help that it's so popular. And I think Gretchen's father, the inventor of toaster strudel, would be pleased to hear about this.

Karen Smith // MacEwan University

On Wednesdays, we wear Griffins. As Karen is to Gretchen, MacEwan is to Mount Royal. With the sweetest students you'll ever meet, just as sweet as Karen Smith. Of course, Karen has her negative traits, but who doesn't? MacEwan seems to have a target on their back from the U of A students (*coughs* Regina) as U of A believes they're the "only real university in Edmonton." But don't worry, MacU, you guys have a fifth sense: you can go to Taco Bell, you're not on an all carb diet.

Janis Ian // Alberta College of Art & Design

Let me tell you something about Alberta College of Art & Design. At ACAD, you will find the greatest people you will ever meet. The students are spunky, artistic, creative and unbelievably badass. Who else shares these character traits? Janis Ian, of course. And I'm almost certain that an ACAD student could definitely make a nice wig out of your mom's chest hair.

Mrs. George // Athabasca University

I'm not a regular school, I'm a cool school. The online university, that's trying to stay with the times, get the hot gossip, and the 411. Athabasca U is the laid back school, that basically lets you learn whenever it's convenient for you. No 8 a.m. classes, assignment deadlines (depends on the class), or lengthy lectures. However, AU can often be too laid back, much like the parenting of Mrs. George, which is why many Athabasca students are up the night before their exam deadline handing in their first assignment of the semester. Regardless, Athabasca U... God, I love you.

Kevin Gnapoor // SAIT/NAIT

The next time you see her, she'll be like "Uh, SAIT/NAIT Polytechnic!" Thank you, SAIT/NAIT, that's enough. Just kidding, SAIT/NAIT. Kevin G was a background character but never ceased to steal the show when he was on screen and I must say, SAIT/NAIT students also have this trait. SAIT/NAIT are the technical schools in Alberta, much like the Math Enthusiast/Bad-Ass MC Kevin Gnapoor. the G's silent when he sneaks in your door.

Aaron Samuels // University of Lethbridge

Will you please tell U of L that their hair looks sexy pushed back? U of L is a well-liked University in Alberta. Much like Aaron Samuels. U of L also has a decent selection of athletics teams, which does help fit the character since Aaron Samuels was a jock. The students there are some of the greatest people who definitely know how to party and I'm sure you'll find someone whose face smell like peppermint.

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