It's no secret that Calgary is the home to some insanely gorgeous women. We're usually covered by dozens of layers because it's always so f*cking cold, but we're here and we're pretty and don't you forget it.

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But in all honesty, Calgary girls are really great. And of course, there isn't much convincing to do - but I'm just gonna let you in on exactly why you need a Calgary girlfriend in your life (that is, if you don't have one already). We are truly one of a kind.

She looks amazing in Stampede get-ups (and she knows her way around the Stampede grounds).

Listen, if there's one thing I know about Calgary girls, it's that they can rock the Stampede attire. Trust me, you've never seen a flannel, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots look so damn good. And in addition to looking like the cutest cowgirl you've ever seen, she also knows exactly where on the Stampede grounds to get the best deep-fried foods

 She's really freaking good at hockey and/or skating.

Of course, this may not go for all of us - but being in Calgary, you're bound to meet a few girls who play or played on a hockey team at some point in their life and kicked major ass at it. If the world froze over (which is very likely in Calgary) - you'd wanna have a Calgary girl by your side. Chances are, she's done this before.

Calgary winters don't scare her.

Calgary is cold AF for approximately 8 out of 12 months out of the year and she's probably had her fair share of winter catastrophes. Calgary girls are not going to let the city's crazy weather ruin your date. She's great for knowing great hacks on how to keep you warm (and look cute as hell in winter clothing) and being pretty good at driving on Deerfoot doing the winter. (Or backseat driving excessively while you do. But don't worry, it's only because she cares.)

Her liver is basically made of steel.

If you're looking for a drinking buddy or someone to bet on during beer pong, a Calgary girl is where it's at. They can drink... oh boy, can they drink. And nothing will get in the way of her drinking... not even her own liver. #MayLongyyyy

She probably has an incredible taste in food.

Calgary's food scene is thriving and well... girls love to eat. 9 times out of 10, your Calgary girl will know exactly where to get the best food and when. (Or she just reads Narcity Calgary.)

She'll probably cheer harder than you during hockey games.

Hate to break it to you, dude, but your girl is probably a bigger Flames fan than you. But the best part about this is, you'll be able to watch hockey games with someone who actually knows what's going on. And who looks super adorable in jerseys.

She'll always be a country gal at heart.

She'll probably accompany you on your hunting trips, go quadding/ dirt-biking, and has absolutely no issue with getting a lil' dirty. Oh, and she's probably as obsessed with your truck as you are.

She knows how to have a good time.

Let's be real, Calgary girls know how to party. We basically invented #whitegirlwasted. You'll probably have the time of your life and possibly be a little frightened. If you need her, she'll be in the bathroom at Cowboys or Commonwealth.

She's adventurous AF. (and you will be too.)

Calgary's access to the Rocky mountains has caused most of us Calgary girls to be a little skiing/ snowboarding/ hiking-crazy. You will definitely spend lots of time exploring all the beauty Alberta has to offer. And she'll probably get you in great shape too! She'll never pass up a chance to take a trip out to Banff and take super cute Instagram photos in the mountains. Or even a stroll through Prince's Island Park. And yes, she'll want to bring her dog and yours.

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