Alberta has a ton of haunted places and urban legends that leave us up all night wondering if they're really true. Sometimes, the real paranormal activity is right in our own backyard. So, naturally, we are inclined to grab the Scooby gang and check it out.

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One of these allegedly haunted places that might put you in the ghost-hunting mood is Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton. This hospital was built in 1967, in which it housed a tuberculosis sanatorium, a surgical ward, an occupational therapy unit, a psychiatric unit and so much more. I'm sure you can imagine what type of crazy activity went on in that hospital. Charles Camsell was closed and virtually abandoned in 1996, leaving just the memories (and ghosts) of its past occupants.

Since the closure of the hospital, visitors have claimed to experience feelings of discomfort and overall eery and unsettling feelings within the vicinity of the hospital. Legend has it, the screams of past patients can be heard from the 4th floor (a.k.a the hospital's past psych ward) as well as footsteps throughout the hospital. Some have claimed to have seen a ghost of a teenage girl who appears to have ripped out her fingernails, as well... scary stuff, right?

If none of this information scared the living s#!$ out of you, you must be ghostbuster material. The hospital has currently been "preparing for construction," but some extremely curious paranormal hunters feel that it's still worth the visit. But we will warn you, a few of the hospital's neighbors haven't been too happy with the night-time visitors, so be cautious during your visit and be sure not to break any laws! (Or encounter any soul-snatching demons.)

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Yeah... it's a strong, hard no from me.

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