In Canada, having snow in April is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, it's such a common occurrence that Canadians across the country have begun to regard spring as nothing more than just an extended winter.

This year is no exception — a month into April and the country continues to face an onslaught of wintry conditions, from record-breaking snowfalls to destructive ice storms. The Weather Network even reported that 90% of Canada is still covered in snow, which is ridiculous because by this time last year everyone had already stored their winter coats away for good.

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"[There's] tons of snow in parts of New Brunswick and up towards Labrador, that's expected. What's not expected is the vast region of snowpack into extreme southwestern Ontario," says a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "In fact, there's still some ice left on Lake Erie, 30-centimetre-plus thickness ice upward into Georgian Bay, and around Thunder Bay [it's] even thicker still. Widespread swath of snow remaining throughout northwestern Ontario."

This is a stark contrast from last year, when there was "not a snowflake to be found across most of southern Ontario [in] mid-April last year." Even more snow is apparently on the way for southern Ontario this week.

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Other major differences were noted for the Prairies and the Maritimes. Snowpack depth data for mid-April 2017 showed that the Prairies were relatively snowless around that time of year, which is a drastic difference compared to this year. Similarly, the Maritimes are also showing greater snowfall numbers this year compared to last.

"We didn't have nearly as much snow [last year] through Calgary, and Red Deer and down towards southeastern sections of Alberta, real lack of snow cover across most of the Prairies . . .  As for the Maritimes, [there was] a little less snow last than the current snowpack indicates."

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In the west, British Columbia is getting a lot of the white stuff as well. For most of April so far, the province has exhibited weather patterns similar to those from last year, with normal to above normal amounts of snow in the alpine regions.

What's next for Canada? Well, The Weather Network thinks Canada will be able to shake winter off over the next week or two and finally get into spring by May. Though, knowing how Canada's weather is, we can never really be too certain.

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