There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out the delivery you’ve been patiently anticipating for months has been delayed or lost.

In a recent Reddit thread, one customer submitted an image of his long-awaited parcel, which had finally arrived after 138 days of delays and transfer confusions by Canada Post.

According to the poster, the package was initially shipped from Quebec via surface mail and was addressed “SUISSE” for Switzerland. However, Canada Post had accidentally interpreted the notice as “Swaziland” instead, leading to 4.5 extra months of waiting.

“Our theory is that the Canada Post worker clicked Swaziland instead of Switzerland when entering it into the computer and this error was integrated into the printed bar codes,” said the poster.


Luckily, there was nothing in the box that needed to be delivered with urgency.

“Nothing too exciting. Mostly winter clothes and books,” the poster explained. “We ended up having to repurchase a few winter items like boots and mittens for our daughter as we had shipped the boxed on September 1st with the quoted "up to 2 months" in mind.”

Apparently, prolonged delays and transfer confusions are a common issue that several Canadians have faced with Canada Post. People across the country began sharing their nightmare stories on the thread, and it’s ridiculous:

Come on, Canada Post. We just want our packages.

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