Canada is known for its beautiful scenery, high quality of life and more. Our home country is also a global leader in many fields, such as refugee resettlement. Canada has been ranked one of the best countries in the whole world for mental health, wellness and happiness! Soul Sanctuaries has released its official "Mental Wellbeing Index". Canada made the top 10 list and was the highest ranked North American country.

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The Mental Wellbeing Index ranks countries around the world based on how positive mental health and wellbeing is in the country. For their rankings, Soul Sanctuary said that they looked at several aspects that contribute to positive mental wellbeing. 

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"For our study examined an array of important factors which contribute to mental wellbeing, including sunshine, social life, nature and levels of happiness and mental wellbeing in every country, to find out the best places to live for positive mental wellness", said Soul Sanctuary in their ranking report

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Of all the countries in the world, Canada was one of the places with the most positive mental health and wellness. It ranked ninth overall on the list, beating out our neighbouring country the United States.  

On the report, Canada was the country in the top 10 with the second highest ranking for mental health and also had high scores for happiness and nature. However, Canada fell behind on the rankings in terms of social life, kindness and sunshine hours.  

The United Arab Emirates took first place on the rankings. According to Soul Sanctuary, they are the best country globally for mental wellness because of their high number of sunshine hours and scenic natural wonders, like the Jebel Dhanna.

Coming in second was Indonesia, which is home to natural beauty and stunning islands like Bali. "The archipelago of Indonesia is home to over 17,500 islands, many of them picture postcard perfect, with a slower pace of life," writes Soul Sanctuary. "Sublime for those who wish to exhale and reconnect with nature."

For the rankings, Soul Sanctuary gave each country a score in the following categories:

  • Mental Health
  • Happiness
  • Sunshine Hours
  • Social Life
  • Nature
  • Kindness

Check out the top 10 countries for mental health and wellness, as ranked by Soul Sanctuary, below. 

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Indonesia
  3. Mongolia
  4. Kenya
  5. Thailand
  6. Israel
  7. Iceland
  8. Malta
  9. Canada
  10. USA

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For more information on the rankings or to see the full report, you can visit Soul Sanctuary's website. Soul Sanctuary is a leading luxury travel expert site, according to their website.

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