Instagram is quickly becoming the platform for fitness gurus to launch their careers. Even though most of these Instagrammers strictly post fitness-related content, some go above and beyond when they're connecting with their fanbase. In particular, Cath Bastien, a famous Instagrammer from Montreal took to YouTube on July 26th to discuss something even more important than her regular fitness content. 

Cath Bastien has 208,000 followers on Instagram, another 20,000 followers on her French Instagram account and 14,000 followers on her YouTube account. Even though she usually posts about health, happiness, yoga and her famous fitness model boyfriend, Marc Fitt, she recently strayed from her regular content to tell fans why she needs to undergo surgery and the reason why is terrifying. 

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The video Bastien posted responded to the criticism she received on one of her recent videos where she discussed the reason why she wants to remove her breast implants and why it's so important to her.

The 24-year-old Instagrammer is known for her beautiful personality, her killer fitness regime and her amazing body. So, fans were definitely surprised when she revealed that she had decided to remove her breast implants. The reason why is totally shocking and a story that every girl should hear. 

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Bastien revealed that the reason why she wants to remove her implants ASAP is that she is dealing with a serious illness that's linked to the breast augmentation. Even though Bastien is super fit and healthy, she became sick due to Breast Implant Illness. No amount of fitness and healthy eating could fix the problem that was going on inside of her.

Some of the symptoms you can experience from the illness are "Brain Fogs", memory loss, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, ringing in the ear, numbness in the arm and leg, vertigo, stomach upset, headaches, anxiety, and even vision problems. 

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She's stated that her worst symptom is brain fog. She stated, "Sometimes I'm with my friends and I forget important words, I forget important moments and there are words that escape me... It's really intense." She said it's a super stressful way to live her life. 

She also stated that the implant is in a "shell" and it contains heavy metals that can come in contact with the lymphatic system and her blood system, which can cause health problems. Another major concern of hers is infertility. She stated that there are 40 chemicals in the shell of the implant which can be inflicted upon a child when breastfeeding. 

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She also went on to explain that an implant is a foreign object in your body and your autoimmune system can react negatively to that. As a result, mold can be created in the implant. The pictures she included in her video are definitely alarming. 

In her most recent video, she explains that she's decided that she will be removing her implants on August 9th. She also states that she's committed to filming the surgery. Even though she's unsure if she'll post the video content, she will keep her fans informed about what happens.

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Bastien also talked about how she received a lot of criticism following her video. Followers claimed she was over-reacting and labeled her as a hypochondriac. Bastien responded by saying that she was making this video to actually help educate women on the topic.

By making herself vulnerable and talking about the symptoms she's endured, she hoped to help other women who may also be suffering from Breast Implant Illness or those who are thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery.  

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