An anonymous poster took to Reddit to voice his concerns about the inherent division in Canada, particularly when it comes to the provinces. According to him, Alberta has become the butt of the joke to the rest of the provinces in the country, and he's sick and tired of it:

"Anyone who has lived or worked in Alberta knows that it's like a mini-Canada. It has people from all over Canada and all over the world living there. Alberta is a resource rich place, and natural resources make up a large portion of Alberta's economy. This may seem unfair to you, but remember, that's an accurate description of Canada's economy too. We are all fortunate to live here in Canada, and hurtful stereotypes about residents of other provinces are divisive and hateful."

Most people who commented on the thread had no idea what he was talking about. Many people were adamant that Alberta was not a frequent topic of conversation in their provinces and that he might just overthinking it all:

Other people added fuel to the fire, saying that if there was any Alberta hate going on, it brought it onto itself.
The weird part is, even Albertans chimed in with a little bit of shade for their own province:
I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite? Can't we all just get along...
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