On a totally typical Canadian day, an Alberta man took a Kodiak grizzly bear on a ride through a Dairy Queen drive-thru, which was then hand-fed ice cream by the restaurant’s owner. 

Berkley, the captive bear from Alberta Zoo, stuck its head out of the truck’s driver side window to get a taste of some good old vanilla sweetness.

“We've got Berkley in the drive-thru testing out some ice cream so she can pick out her birthday cake," says a man named Mark in the video. "We've added some peanuts to this batch and she seems to like it, so I think we've got a winner here."

The incident was recorded and posted on social media by the Discovery Wildlife Park and people had mixed reactions to it. Some thought it was amusing, while others were deeply concerned and deemed the video “irresponsible and disrespectful.”  

But Serena Bos, a trainer at the Discovery Wildlife Park, defends the video by saying there was no safety concern as the bear was chained the entire time. She also mentions that there were no people present, as the employee had taken the bear to the drive-thru way before the store had opened for business that day.

Man… Only in Canada.

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