If there is one thing Canadians, especially those in Quebec, know well, it is poutine. Nothing beats that rich, greasy mountain of fries covered in cheese curds and doused in gravy. Or is it poutine sauce? 

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Redditors can't seem to figure out if gravy and poutine sauce are the same thing and the ensuing debate is the most Canadian thing ever

Via Reddit

It all began when a Reddit user shared a photo of a can of Compliments brand poutine sauce and loudly (i.e. in all caps) declared that it was just gravy. While it seems like the obvious answer, as many people have pointed out, you can't just put any gravy on a poutine. 

As one particular response wisely pointed out, all poutine sauces are gravy, but not all gravies are poutine sauces. Anyone who has had endured a bad poutine knows what this means, poutine gravy has to be just the right flavour and consistency in order to be enjoyable. 

Via Reddit

But the debate doesn't end there. People go on to say that the word gravy at is root actually just means sauce, is still used in that way in many different languages so to call gravy poutine sauce isn't incorrect at all. 

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Other Redditors go on to say that chicken gravy and beef gravy are also very different things and thus ensues a mini-debate on whether poutine made with chicken gravy is even good. Out of that comes one person's ridiculous idea that fries with curds and Swiss Chalet sauce is a good poutine proving this debate has completely descended into madness. 

Via Reddit

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Either way, one thing Canadians can agree on is that whatever is in that can probably doesn't taste good and if you want to make a real poutine you'd be better making your own gravy/sauce out of beef and chicken stock.

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