It's that time of year again when Canadians are literally dumpster diving for Tim Hortons coffee cups because of Roll Up The Rim. The annual promotion began yesterday meaning under the rim of every coffee cup you buy there could be a great prize. 

This year the prizes include 40 Jeep Compasses, 100 pre-paid $5000 CIBC cards, 1000 sport bikes, 50,000 $50 Tim Hortons gift cards, and of course over 43 million food and coffee prizes. With millions of prize-winning cups out there you definitely wouldn't want to forget to roll up your cup rim. 

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Unfortunately, for the numerous Canadians who fill up on Tim Hortons every day, throwing out your cup immediately after finishing your coffee may be second nature, especially if it's early in the morning and the caffeine hasn't hit you yet. That's why every year a countless number of Tim Hortons cups are thrown out without ever being rolled up. 

With a 1 in 6 chance of winning something, that means it is almost certain that some of those cups have some sort of prize on them, even if it is just a coffee or a donut. It's that mindset that is sending Canadians dumpster diving for Tim Hortons cups right now. 

In most cases, people are going into the garbage after their own cups after they forgot to roll them up. 

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Then there are some Canadians who take it to the next level, going into the garbage in hopes that some random stranger accidentally threw out a winning cup. 

Roll Up The Rim is scheduled to run until April 17, 2019, or when all the cups run out, whichever one comes first. This makes it the longest roll up the rim promo ever. If you do win you have until May 3 to redeem any prizes. 

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