The tragedy that has catapulted the small community of Humboldt into the limelight due to the 15 lives lost in a tragic car accident has left the entire country completely shattered. Though while the mourning for those who's lives have been lost has only just begun, there is one person involved in the crash who hasn't been talked about as much.

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The other driver involved in the crash has been relatively left out for the most part in the media, neither criminalized nor mentioned past describing that the crash involved two vehicles- where many believe one had ignored a stop sign.

While one might think many would hold a degree of resentment for the other driver, a Reddit thread has appeared with an open letter that hundreds have contributed to, proving Canadians' reactions have been pretty much the exact opposite: 

Dear Saskatchewan truck driver, from r/canada

The thread, titled "Dear Saskatchewan truck driver" started with one user penning an open blurb to the driver, noting that nobody thought he had actively went out of his way to kill those 15 men, and that he should not carry that kind of guilt. The user's comment was joined with hundreds of others who echoed his statement, but also offered further context on the intersection itself. Some noting that the intersection was no stranger to a fatal accident. 

The overall discussion between Reddit users who ranged from people who were at one point truck drivers, are current truck drivers, knew someone working in the industry, or just general commentators came to a common conclusion. Being that there needs to be some sort of change, either within the truck driving community or the implementation of more roundabouts which have been proven to reduce a significant amount of four way stop collisions. 
While the country will need much more time to mourn before change is discussed in response to the fallout of this tragedy, if you are looking to aid the victims and families involved, you can. To do so you can visit the GoFundMe page that has been set up and can donate by clicking here
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