I don’t know how our society got to this point, but people are now actively eating Tide Pods as a snack. The senseless concept is part of an Internet trend that argues the toxic products look delicious to eat.

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A variety of memes have circulated on social media that rationalize the consumption of Tide Pods and it’s quite disturbing:

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It became such a pressing issue that Health Canada had to remind the public about the dangers of consuming them.

“Because laundry detergent packets are small and often brightly coloured, children can mistake them for food or toys,” their statement reads.

Tide Pods, like any other toxic substance, are obviously not meant for eating. Ingesting them could cause serious health problems like extreme irritation, choking, nausea and intestinal bleeding. 

Most Canadians know better than to participate in the stupid trend, and it may have something to do with a classic Canadian commercial. A user on Reddit shared the “Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth” commercial, stating that it would do the country well to revive it amidst the current Tide Pod frenzy.

The message of the commercial is more relevant than ever now:

“Don't you put it in your mouth 

(Don't you put it in your mouth)

Don't stuff it in your face 

(Don't stuff it in your face) 

Though it might look good to eat 

(Though it might look good to eat)

And it might look good to taste 

(And it might look good to taste) 

You could get sick (ick)

Real quick (ick)

Real sick, real… ick!

Don't you put it in you mouth (Nuh uh)

’Til you ask someone you love (That’s right sis)

If its okay to eat (If its okay to eat)

Like a muffin or a beet (Like a muffin or a beet) 

If you dont know just what it is 

Remember boys and girls 

Don't puuut it innnn your mouth.”

Canadians took to the comment section to give their two cents about the commercial and the whole Tide Pod challenge, and some of them struck comedic gold:

Someone please stop the madness.

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