If you were looking for the cheapest, easiest beauty trend, it's officially here.

This year's go-to brow style graced the 2018 SAG Awards this weekend on everyone's favourite child star, Dakota Fanning - and it's so low-maintenance you're going to want to try it out ASAP.

@dakotafanningembedded via

Get ready, everyone, because this is her secret: she doesn't touch them. 

"My only tip is that I don't touch my eyebrows," Dakota said. "I don't wax them. I don't touch them at all. I get them from my grandmother. My grandmother doesn't do anything to her eyebrows either."

Yup, she doesn't do a single thing to them. So stop plucking, pulling and threading your brows, ladies. 100% natural is in this year (and if you ask us, should stay forever).

@dakotafanningembedded via

If you're someone who isn't blessed with full brows, don't worry. While Dakota doesn't remove hairs, she still fills them in. Celebrity makeup artist Erin Ayanian Monroe for Dior said in a press release: "I shaped and emphasized her brows with Diorshow Brow Styler #011 Light Brown."

Take note, keeping it au naturel is what you'll see everywhere in 2018. So throw out your tweezers.

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