Face masks have been all the rage for a while. Who doesn’t want to wind down after a long week by putting on a nice face mask, throwing a bath bomb into the tub and just relaxing... while getting great anti-aging benefits at the same time! Though it seems the face mask has gotten a revamp you didn’t know it needed, and its new counterpart is going to be your skin’s saving grace. 

The new product that has got the beauty world's attention is a dry face mask. Which definitely sounds... counterproductive, but don't worry they actually work amazingly! If you remember, Charlotte Tilbury actually launched one earlier last year but it seems there's a new contender on the market. Right now a company named Miss de Gaspé is introducing three dry sheet masks that are slated to change your skin for the better!

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So how exactly does a dry face mask work? Where is all the product hiding? How does the product get from the mask to your skin?! It turns out all the good stuff in the mask is infused with the mask's formulation that's loaded with active ingredients that will give you flawless skin. Once you place the mask on your face, the heat from your skin releases the products from the fibers. What's great about dry skin masks is that they allow your skin to build up all of the ingredients in the mask and slowly seep into your skin- up to 8 hours after the mask was first applied! 

The three dry face masks that will be available are the Defy & Drench, Brighten & Beam, and Purify & Purge. Since there is no water in the masks, it allows for 83% of pure ingredients, way more than a standard wet sheet mask. Meaning not only is it a powerful product, but you can reuse it! Plus since they aren't wet, you can actually do things while you have it on and not worry about it sliding off of your face!  @missdegaspeembedded via

The masks will be available on their website on February 1st so keep your eyes peeled there for the first batch to go live! While they will be offered for a pretty steep price of $36, remember that you can reuse them and they have way more bang for your buck than a standard wet sheet mask! 

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