To celebrate spring, Oreos has launched a new Easter Egg Oreos. The new cookie has now hit shelves in Canada, and you need to try the limited edition cookie.

The new Oreos are the perfect treat to enjoy this spring. After the success of Oreo's Valentine's Day Cookie, the new Eater themed cookie also comes with several cute printed designs.

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Available for a limited time you can get egg shaped Oreos that are oval instead of the classic round cookie. The cookies have four different designs, either with a chick with bunny ears, a bunny with eggs, an Easter egg with spots or an Easter egg with a zig-zag pattern. While the cookies may taste the same as the classic Oreos, the Easter cookies have a purple filling instead of the classic white one.

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Easter Egg Oreos have hit the shelves in Canada, and are currently available for sale in grocery stores. If you are unable to find Easter Eggs Oreos in a store near you, you can also purchase them on Amazon Canada, but they will be more expensive.

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