Alberta is a wonderful province to live in. But unfortunately--as is the case everywhere, there’s always a few rotten apples in every tree. And let me tell you…some of these apples are incredibly rotten.

The darker side of Alberta’s population, consists of several criminals who really stood out among the others. Their actions were absolutely deplorable, leaving behind tragedies that deeply affected the general public.

This list contains gruesome details and unsettling facts about the crimes that these people have committed. I say this now, so you’ve been warned. Read on at your own discretion.

Note: I refrained from including criminals that were underage.

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1) Mark Twitchell

Let’s refer to him as the “Dexter” killer. Twitchell, an aspiring filmmaker, lured a man to his garage through a fake online dating profile, murdered him and proceeded to dismember the body. The tragedy was accompanied by the peculiarity of a document that the police found on his laptop. The document eerily describes Twitchell’s “progression into becoming a serial killer”. He coldly describes the details of his planning, the act of dismembering the body etc. It’s revealed that he was inspired by the character “Dexter”, on the popular TV series of the same name, emulating Dexter’s calculating, sociopathic character. This was Twitchell’s script for his own “short thriller”, and he cast himself as the killer. A movie that he unfortunately took beyond the screen.

Source: Wikipedia

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2) Jeremy Steinke

Steinke’s crime was carried out with his girlfriend, but I will refrain from using her name (as she was a minor at the time). Steinke, 23, was in a relationship with a 12-year-old girl. The girlfriend’s parents objected to the relationship, which resulted in Steinke and his then girlfriend brutally murdering both her parent’s and her 8-year old brother. Steinke has mentioned to his friends that he is a 300-year old werewolf who likes the taste of blood. Furthermore, he wore a vial of blood around his neck.

Source: Wikipedia

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3) Robert Raymond Cook

Cook is a criminal that is part of Alberta’s past. He was the last man to be executed (hanged) for his crimes in the province. Cook, shot and bludgeoned his father, stepmother and 5 half-siblings in the grease pit of their garage. He was released from jail just a few days prior to the incident, after having been arrested for ‘obtaining goods under false pretenses’ (he traded in the family’s vehicle for a ’59 impala convertible).

Source: Wikipedia

4) Derek Jensen

Jensen was the culprit in a murder-suicide on an Alberta highway. Jensen was the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims—prompting the discovery that the attack was motivated by a jealous rage. After making a huge scene a few days prior to the incident (upon seeing his ex at a party), he threatened that the night “wouldn’t end well for her”. Later, Jensen spotted his ex and her friends (one other girl, and two boys), at a convenience store that they had stopped at, on route to the Calgary airport. He rammed into their car, and when they stopped—he got out of his own vehicle, walked up to their stalled car, and shot at all of them before shooting himself. There was only one survivor.

Sources: CBC News and National Post

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5) Travis Baumgartner

Baumgartner, a former armoured car guard—ironically hired to keep his colleagues safe, shot 4 of his employees (killing 3), hoping to rob them of the cash they were delivering to the HUB mall at the University of Alberta campus. His social media accounts revealed posts that indicated he was planning something heinous. Baumgartner was heavily in debt and the main motive for this unspeakable crime was financial.

Sources: CBC News and CTV News and Murderpedia

6) Members of the FOB and FK (FOB Killers) gang

The photo above is of the FOB gang member, Timothy Chan. The two gangs, FOB and FK/FOB Killers,  have had a long-standing feud that has resulted in 25 deaths (a horrifying number). One particularly tragic event, was the New Year’s Day shooting at Bolsa restaurant, that left 3 people dead (one of whom was an innocent bystander).

Source: CBC News

7) Clifford Sleigh

Sleigh abducted, violently raped and then murdered a 6-year old girl. His actions shook the entire neighbourhood and the city of Edmonton. Although this horrific incident occurred in 1992, he was not arrested until 2003. At that time, he was already convicted for sexual assaulting two other young girls. He states he was angry at his common-law wife at the time, and drove around looking for someone “to rape”. The child was outside in a fenced front yard playing with her friend, at the time she was taken. He states to have chosen her because she was closest to the fence.

Source: CBC News and CBC News

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8) John Etter Clark

Once a provincial politician, a teacher and a farmer, Clark did not appear to be the type of person whose life would lead to the events of his unspeakable crime. He was hospitalized for a month and a half after suffering a nervous breakdown. He suffered another one shortly before his crime. Clark shot and killed his wife, 4 children, a hired farmhand and a visitor. His body was soon found nearby with a fatal self-inflicted bullet wound to his own head.

Source: Wikipedia

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9) James Roszko

RCMP officers arrived at Roszko’s residence to lend their hand to bailiffs that were trying to repossess a truck--which Roszko then used to flee the scene. While on his property, they came across several stolen vehicle parts and a marijuana grow-op. Roszko hitched a ride back to his property and hid inside a shed—waiting for the RCMP officers. 4 officers were ambushed and shot dead by Roszko, who then emerged from the shed and opened fire on a member of the Auto Theft team (who managed to wound Roszko during the altercation). Roszko then turned the gun on himself and ended his own life.

Source: Wikipedia

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10) Brian Malley

Malley was a financial advisor who murdered his disabled client after losing all the money she had given him to invest. This was the money she had been awarded from the car crash that left her paralyzed. Malley mailed a gift bag to his client that contained a bomb—which exploded as soon as it was opened by the victim.

Source: CBC News

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11) Swift runner

This is an incident that took place a very long time ago. Swift Runner was the first man to be hanged for his crimes in the province. Once a guide for the North West Mounted Police, Swift Runner was sent back to his tribe after portraying unacceptable behavior under the influence of whiskey (which was smuggled in under the guise of medicine at the time). Once in his tribe, his tirades continued, causing so many problems that he was soon banished. Swift Runner went to the police and claimed his wife had committed suicide and the rest of his family had starved to death—but the cops were suspicious, as he himself looked far from underfed. Upon further investigation, the police found human bones and skulls—the bones dried clean of it’s marrow. He had killed and eaten his family (although 1 of the 6 children had previously died from starvation). Swift Runner is a popular case of someone who suffered from Wendigo psychosis (or windigo).

Source: Edmonton Journal and Wikipedia

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