Getting all dressed up for a night out/fancy dinner can take some time (and also some serious effort). And if you add in a classic Edmontonian winter—all that effort can easily be undone.

In spite of all this, many girls can be seen rebelling against the cold—trying their best to look cute even when they can’t feel their extremities. And it’s certainly not easy to look stylish when the weather dictates that you bundle up beyond recognition. Seriously girls, I feel your pain, and I understand what you go through. Here are just some of the struggles many girls in YEG face when getting dressed up during the colder months.

1. When you wear a great outfit but no one ever sees it.

*struts around 124 Street thinking “underneath my parka, hat, scarf, gloves etc. I’m like…super stylish.”*

2. When you want to wear a nice dress, but it does not look good with your winter boots.

What if you're finally going for dinner at Corso 32 and you want to look nice (cause it's a big deal since you had to make the reservation 4 months in advance [only slightly exaggerating]). It's common to slowly shy away from practicality (see next point on this list).

3. When you decide to wear heels/heeled-booties in the snow.

*slips and falls every 5 minutes*

“I’m okay guys--don’t worry...I still look good”

4. When you wear lipstick/lip gloss and the wind blows all your hair on your face.

*spends entire time trying to unstick hair from lips*

5. When fashion blogs/magazines only showcase girls wearing beautiful lightweight outerwear during the winter.

Pfft...they’re clearly not in or from Edmonton.

6. When your hair is not totally dry and you have to rush outside anyway.

“Can icicle hair become a new trend in Edmonton?"

7. When you zip your parka all the way up, burying half your face inside of it for warmth.

*unzips parka to find the inside of it is now COVERED in makeup*

8. When you feel super confident and attractive, but your constant sniffling ruins everything.

It’s hard to feel cute when you’re battling a perpetually runny nose while outside.

9. When you finally take the time to style your hair.

Edmonton: *blizzard*

10. When you decide to wear a peacoat on a night out, instead of your parka (usually seen on Whyte Ave or Downtown).

“I’m pretty sure the blood has frozen inside my veins…but DAMN, do I ever look good!”

11. Suffering through hat-hair/ hat-head.

“If you randomly take off my toque cause you think it’s funny…we will no longer be friends”(once any hat is on…it must be kept on [unless you have some time to fix it in front a mirror]).

12. When you need to change up your entire skincare regime.

You in the summer: "ugh, my skin is SO oily."

You in the winter: "ugh, my skin is SO dry."

13. When you become entirely dependent on your lip balm.

Because dry, chapped lips are the absolute worst.

14. “Aren’t you cold?” -everyone

“Yes I am...but I decided to wear this tonight because I’m a grown woman and am entitled to make my own choices, and today I wanted to wear this (i.e. you can respect my decision and let me live my life, or keep your mouth shut).”

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