Anyone who's worked in retail knows the all-too-real struggles that come along with the job. Endless sweaters to fold, answering the same customer questions day in and day out and unpacking what feels like hundreds of stock boxes.

If you happen to work at H&Mthough, you also know that working in retail can have its benefits. Holidays are bearable because there's usually food in the break room, you love your birthday even more because you get a paid day off and your coworkers are always making you laugh. The following list includes just a few things almost every H&M employee will take away from work:

1. Donkeys, ponies and horses aren't just animals anymore.

Referring to clothing rails as animals feels weird for the first two weeksbut after a while, you get used to it. (Also, there's nothing better than the look of confusion you get from a customer when they hear you talking about farm animals in a clothing store).

2. You use the word "copy" in day-to-day life.

Need I say more?

3. You probably avoid malls when you're not working.

Hard pass when someone asks you to go to the mall on your day off.


4. Half of your paycheque goes right back to H&M.

Chances are you justify this by using conscious coupons and your staff discount.

5. You lowkey have a hatred for any department that isn't your own.

Stick to what you knowamirite? Hennes is too big, Men's has too many sub-departments, Divided is too much like Forever 21, and Kids is well... Kids. 

6. Your closet is more organized than a donkey in the fitting room.

Always. Tank tops, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, shorts, skirts, pants, dresses. 

7. You feel naked without a walkie on you.

Unless it's slow, or you're not functioned. Then you get to hide in your department and clean to your heart's content.

8. You see everything in colour stories.

Probably the most useful tool that nobody uses, colour stories are a lifesaver when running in any department that isn't yours. 

9. You refold messy piles in other stores.

Like any decent human being would.

10. Anything longer than a four-hour shift feels like an eternity. 

Since operation changes, working anything more than four hours a day for a part-timer is rare. Of course, you'll jump at the opportunity to work a full day, but it'll probably kill you.

11. You're so over explaining very clear signage to customers. 

"But the sign says..." The sign also says, "selected styles," thanks.

12. Bore is both your favourite, and least favourite time of year.

Seeing what gets marked down is exciting, waking up at the crack of dawn to scan the whole store is not. 

13. You spend a large percentage of your shift mentally shopping.

This is physically impossible not to do. Of course, when you actually get the chance (and have the funds) to shop, you can't find anything you want. 

14. You look forwards to staff meetings because there's always free snacks. 

15. You have the entire playlist memorized.

Or all three of the songs you actually like, anyway. Of course, as soon as you get used to the playlist and even kind of like it, they send out a new one.

16. You decide how your shift will go by how messy the store is when you walk in.


17. Your worst nightmare is being scheduled for a truck shift and ending up on the floor. 

The dress code for truck is usually 'just rolled out of bed but make it fashion,' but always remember that you might have to backup cash with your messy bun and oversized t-shirt.

18. The worst way to end your night is finding a pile of forgotten misrunning as you're about to walk out of the store.

19. You're always a little disappointed when you show up for your shift and your work BFF isn't there. 

It's okay though, you'll have more crazy customer stories to tell one another next time you work together. 


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