Alright boys, you got your list and we checked it twice! Now it's time to save the best for last and let you in on us Edmonton ladies, as us gals tend to have more fun than you (word to Cyndi Lauper)! There's a high chance that you may have run into us at the local bar and been a little thrown since we aren't always like our Tinder profiles.

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As charming as we ladies are at the bar in our new outfits or our slayed makeup, we do tend to have a few slips here and there. Whether it's our drink that we accidentally spilled on you mid-conversation, or that we ditched you to go take selfies in the bathroom, or even rejecting you nice guys, please don't take it too personally. Sometimes the alcohol does the talking before we do.

Since we ladies know we aren't perfect and we can laugh at ourselves too, below is a guide showcasing the seven types of girls you will meet an Edmonton barWhether you're having a boys night out or just grabbing a drink after work, keep your eyes peeled for these girls. Yet be warned, if you're going to approach us, we do require that you talk some respectful game.

The Show Stopper

She's the type of girl to make your head do a full spin when she enters the room. She is most comfortable in a tight dress, strappy heels while her hair flows naturally without the need for wind. You can catch her sitting in the V.I.P section and she'll occasionally stand up and start dancing in the most effortlessly sultry way whenever a Drake song comes on.

Her favourite Bar: Prive Ultralounge or Casablanca Shisha Lounge

The Turn Up Queen

She came to the bar for one reason: to turn the f*** up! She cannot be tamed, she's young and she doesn't wish to converse with anyone unless it's an alcoholic drink. She has no problem owning the dance floor and will most likely have her own spot on the dance floor to move her hips, shake her booty, or both, all with a drink in her hand. Guys, if "One Dance" comes on at anytime during the evening, she's the girl that you should be having that one dance with. Hurry up and find her before the song ends!

Her Favourite Bar: Studio 107

The Sideliner

She is the girl who most likely got dragged by her girlfriends to come out to the bar that night. She's not the partying type and finds that being the DD is more fun.  You'll find her sitting in the corner drinking water or Red Bull scrolling through her Instagram and catching up on missed snapchat stories. She's usually standoffish and is dressed well, but not over-the-top glamourous. Fellas, if you approach her, get ready to have a full on conversation because she tends to value that more than a Friday night turn up.

Her Favourite Bar: She probably doesn't have one since she doesn't like bars/clubs

The Rookie

She's most likely the girl walking in heels for the first time, sipping on a girly drink, and having her friends hold her up while she celebrates her transition into the legal drinking world. She's super sweet and she'll want to share with you what she's learned about being legal. She'll compliment you down to a T. Fellas, if she spills her drink on you, don't be alarmed, if anything, it will give you both something to laugh about. The next time you go out with your homies for a night out in Edmonton, you'll most likely run into her along your journey.

Her favourite bar: pretty much any bar in Edmonton, she does not have a preference

The Selfie Queen

She is the type to talk to a guy and leave mid-conversation to go to the bathroom. She'll fix her hair, apply another layer of lipstick, adjust her outfit, and then walk to the wall mirror for a photo shoot. After about 15 selfies, the space on her phone has been used up, therefore causing her to delete 10 photos. Her girlfriends eventually find her in the bathroom where they all proceed to take more mirror pics and then take turns taking each others OOTDs,  followed by snapchat videos of them twerking and taking sultry video selfies to bless their viewers with. This process can take up to 30 minutes, if not more. So gentlemen, please don't wait up for them.

Her favourite bar: Prive, duh! Have you guys not seen the selfie mirror in the women's bathroom?

The Super Chill Girl

You won't find her at a club since the idea of getting glammed up makes her eyes roll to the back of her head. She is game when it comes to hanging out at the local pubs or taverns and can be found surrounded by beer bottles and chill music. She's always down for a game of pool and is no stranger when it comes to meeting new people and having intellectual conversations over a few beers.

Her favourite bar: Black Dog Freehouse or Billiards

The Wing Woman

Her best friend went through a tough break up and needs to get back out on the scene. They are spotted in pairs either holding hands or locking arms. Men, this can be challenging since 99% of girls at the bar travel like this but here's how you can spot a wing woman. If you catch one of the girls constantly surveying the room or pointing at a particular guy to approach, you may have found your wing woman!

Her favourite bar: pretty much any and every bar in Edmonton

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