When interacting with people that aren’t from Edmonton, many of us have at some point been subjected to rude and/or annoying things that people say about our city (a lot of it being stereotypical). And even though you may have laughed it off at the time (because, social niceties), I’m sure it still got under your skin.

So, to form somewhat of an inside joke between all of us in YEG, I’ve gathered a few of the more common “annoying” things you’ve probably heard already. And at the end of the day, it’s best to just look at it as being trivial/silly, and we can all find amusement (and comfort) in the fact that this is a shared experience we have with one another.

And even if there is some truth to these phrases, it’s still annoying to be generalized and stereotyped!

1. “Calgary is so much better than Edmonton!”

Um, to each their own I guess? But our city has a lot to offer as well! Don't be so quick to discount us (especially if you've never lived here--actually, in that case...your opinion doesn't count).

*Check out this article here that plays into the friendly rivalry between both cities.

2. “Let me guess, you like country music?”

Personally, no. And though I'm sure a lot of people do, our population is a lot more diverse and varied than you're assuming. We have a huge hip-hop, indie/alternative, folk, etc., fan base as well. So don't come at us with all your generalizations, please and thank you.

3. “There’s nothing to do in Edmonton.”

This is annoyingly said by some of our own citizens as well. But here's a thought, maybe if you take the time and initiative to explore the city (the concerts, restaurants, bars, free events, parks, etc.), you might start to feel differently. And if you're not from here, then there's really no merit to your claims at all.

*Check here for a list of things to do even when money is tight.

4. “The City Of Champions?? Pffft.”

This is usually in reference to our hockey team. And apart from this season (cause our boys are killin' it ?), we've heard this a lot. But hey, maybe it's because we're a loyal fan base that finds entertainment in hockey for the sake of the game itself, and not just when we have a winning team/season.

5. “Oh, you're from Edmonton eh? So you probably drive a truck then.”

Another generalization! Sure, we definitely have a ton of truck owners in the city (I definitely notice that too), but there's a sizeable part of the population that isn't into trucks at all. Like most other cities, the locals all have varied interests and preferences.

6. “I would NEVER live in Edmonton because of the cold winters.”

It's a dry cold!!! And yes, we definitely get a lot of snow and the temperature certainly dips down more than we'd like...but it's bearable! Plus, we have so many winter activities and festivals that the season can be quite enjoyable.

7. “Edmonton is not cool at all.”

You're not cool. Just kidding, I'm sure you're great. But to all of the haters, our talented local musicians and amazing local clothing stores are just some of the things that showcase the creative, artistic and COOL folks in our city.

8. “Who even watches the CFL?”

Well, a lot of people in Edmonton do. They're super passionate about all of their sports teams. It kinda shows how proud we are of anyone that represents the city. It's pretty awesome, if you ask me.

9. “Oh wow, you guys actually have _____” (good restaurants, a multicultural population, a great arts and music scene etc.)

Your shock and surprise of the wonderful things we have in this city is a tad condescending. But you know what? I'm happy we've been able to disprove your previous assumptions.

10. And lastly, calling us "Deadmonton".

Um RUDE. Unless of course you're referring to the unreal haunted house of the same name. But seriously, our city is way too vibrant for that term. But as they say, haters gonna hate.

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