Canada is known for being snow filled during the winter in several provinces, such as Alberta, Montreal and Ontario. Alberta already had their first snowfall of the season back in September, and the snow hit the city of Calgary hard in October, resulting in up to 45 cm of snow and total chaos in the city.

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There were 168 reported car crashes the first night of snowfall, and adding to a total of 267 car crashes from the night of October 1st to the afternoon of October 2nd, the Calgary Police reported on Twitter. Drivers were also stuck on the highway overnight for ten hours. 

So it's not surprising that in the aftermath of the Alberta snow storm, Albertans are now taking to Reddit to give Canadians some savage but helpful tips on how to drive in the winters. 

It all started when with a Reddit thread in Edmonton, Alberta that was posted just yesterday. But what ensued was a mix of brutal honesty and savage comments. Of course, there were some very helpful tips as well. Driving in the snow is no joke, but we know Albertans have some experience with it and are glad that they can share some of their wisdom with us. 

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Reddit user flynnfx started a thread on Reddit titled "PSA - Winter Driving in Edmonton". He posted, "We all know this isn't the major snowfall - but it IS coming. Just some advice, tips, and suggestions for those who aren't experienced or even for those who are who might not be aware of certain things."

On a side note, parts of Alberta already experienced up to 60 cm of snow so if that isn't major snowfall, we're scared to know what is. 

The thread resulted in responses of all kinds. Many jumped at the opportunity to share their knowledge or call out drivers. The Reddit thread has gotten almost 200 comments since being posted yesterday. It sure proved to be both entertaining and informative. 

There were savage comments like this one from Reddit user C0rdt: "Or just don't drive because you are literally a hazard due to your lack of experience and/or skill". Another Redditor commented, "CLEAN YOUR FUCKING CAR OF SNOW LAZY B*STARDS!". It appeared to be a popular and useful opinion though, and it got 25 points.

Some even took their road rage to Reddit. One user commented, "How about don't cut me off and then slam on the breaks while I'm driving my 92-year-old grandmother to Thanksgiving dinner. Whoever was driving that white Honda CR-V, there is a special place in hell for you". 

But savageness aside, there were some helpful tips that people can keep in mind when driving in snowy and winter conditions. One of the top suggestions was from user Miss2war, who shared a short and sweet PSA: "Leave extra room between you and cars in front of you". The comment received 58 points.

Another top comment was from Reddit user Blt2002 and it got 99 points. They said, "Not a popular one but that speed limit sign is ment for in perfect conditions. Drive more defensively and go at a slower speed if the weather is bad. This is not an endorsement to go 20 on the whitemud or Henday".

Blt2002 added a couple of other helpful suggestions as well. "4 wheel drive means you can take off quicker from a stop. It doesn't mean you are never going to hit the ditch or curb". The Reddit user also said to look "both ways after the light turns green before going. During bad weather it can be quite easy for a car not being able to stop and slides through an intersection".

You can scroll through all of the comments and tips on the Reddit thread here. Check out more of the nuggets of wisdom and savagery that we found from Redditors below! 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Careful out there on the roads during the snowy winter, Albertans and Canadians! But for now, hopefully, you can rest easy with the summer weather that is headed to parts of Alberta next week

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