Anyone who has seen Zoolander will remember the line "he's so hot right now." And well, we can definitely say the same about the male models in Edmonton who continuously bless our feeds with their handsome faces and overall dapperness. With that being said, I thought I would take it upon myself to search the gram for some of Edmonton's hottest male models. Whether it is fashion, fitness or just for fun, either way, these men sure know how to how to work it in front of the camera.

A lot of the models featured are signed to modeling agencies here in Edmonton, while some like to use Instagram to get themselves out there in the Edmonton streets. Any sorry ladies, there are no shirtless pics on this list, just some handsome faces that will make you wanna hit the follow button ASAP.

@jon.a.vanembedded via

Jonathan // @jon.a.van

via @sahrsjunior

Sahr // @sahrsjunior 

via @jadjebaoui

Jad-El Jebaoui //@jadjebaoui

via @ryleyjrichardson

Ryley // @ryleyjrichardson

via @derekpekrul

Derek // @derekpekrul

via @grahamhansen

Graham // @grahamhansen

via @smooothchlate

Allan // @smooothchlate

via @brcorbiere

Bowen // @bcorbiere

via @wilf51

Ivan // @wilf51

via @thewinge

Mark // @thewinge 

via @keelaybutt

Keegan // @keelaybutt

via @joshrandell

Josh // @joshrandell 

via @fatherbobbytownsend

Bobby // @fatherbobbytownsend

via @michalsopiarz

Michal // @michalsopiarz

via @undefined

Cab'ral // @allthingstk

via @gainztalk

Yousaf // @gainztalk

via @youngixzy

Ivan // @youngixzy

via @jdtrd

Jeffery // @jdtrd

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