If you've been following the billionaire Elon Musk's antics in the past little bit, you'll  know that he's launched a car into space, dropped the new and affordable Tesla Model 3,  got back together and broke up with on again off again girlfriend Amber Heard... all while dealing with the media frenzy surrounding his dad and stepsister having a child together (no that's not a joke). 

However it seems that all that hasn't kept the innovator too busy to launch into a new business venture - the Tequila market that is. Just today Elon uploaded a photo to his Instagram account proudly showing off his new pet project, Teslaquila. 

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Elon posted a tongue and cheek Twitter status on the tequila a few days ago that everyone took to be an April fools joke, considering he uploaded this "drunk pic" on April 1st. However it's now 4 days later and it seems like the joke is on all of us because the drink is here to stay. 

Teslaquila bottles apparently contain 40% alcohol, which is the standard for tequila in general. The label also states that Teslaquila comes in a 750ml size, and is made with 100% pure agave.

Lucky for us Elon says that Teslaquila will really be offered as part of Tesla’s merchandise soon (no word yet on if it'll be hitting Canadian liquor store shelves). Musk also added (maybe truthfully, maybe humorously), that there will be free Teslaquila shots in Tesla showrooms every April 1st.

Sources: Teslarati

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