A new report by Statistics Canada places engineering at the top of a list of highest paid professions in the country.

The Job Vacancy and Wage Survey provides information on the average hourly wages of full-time Canadian employees based on their occupations and economic region. The wage averages are reported before taxes and deductions and also exclude overtime earnings, tips, commissions and bonuses.

Across occupational groups, natural and applied science jobs were only second to management jobs when it came to average hourly wage. Petroleum engineers showed the highest hourly wage within the natural and applied science group, with average earnings of about $62.75.

Individuals working full-time jobs in management took home the most on average ($40.25). Within this group, engineering managers were the highest paid ($58.30). In terms of engineering-related industries, mining, quarrying and oil/gas extraction jobs had the highest salaries ($64.45), and most of these positions were concentrated in Alberta (64.7%). 

In comparison, full-time employees in science jobs held an average hourly wage of $33.45, while those in education, law, social and government services earned average hourly wages of $33.20. 

Regionally, Alberta excelled in all occupational groups except for art, culture, recreation and sales/service.

Source: Design Engineering

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