What's now known as one of the best makeup brands in the world first started as a small professional makeup supplier right in Toronto. MAC Cosmetics - or Makeup Art Cosmetics, as it was originally known - was started by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, who made the makeup in their kitchen. The brand officially launched as M.A.C in 1984 and the rest is history - at least as far as the brand goes. 

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As for its Canadian founders, only one of them is still alive. Frank Angelo tragically passed away at 49, following a surgery in Florida in 1997. Frank Toskan, on the other hand, is alive and well, not to mention highly successful.

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Only one year after losing his business partner, Toskan sold his shares in MAC to Estee Lauder, who continues retailing the global brand. But, that doesn't mean he quit the business altogether. His latest venture is called Impact and it's way different than MAC. 

Impact is a restaurant in Toronto that aims to make a healthy lifestyle more accessible to everyone, bringing wholesome and simple ingredients to everyday people. It's called impact because Toksan and his new business partner, Josh Broun, think eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle can make a huge impact in the world. 

Outside of work, Toksan keeps himself really busy as well. Recently he and his partner Darren Zakreski have been busy selling two of their Toronto properties. The first was their home at 46 Forest Hill Road, which is the only thing really indicative of their swanky lifestyle. The mansion sold just in 2017 for a whopping $15 million, but even that was at least $3 million less than they were hoping to get for it. 

After that, Frank and Darren decided to also sell their penthouse in Yorkville, although for not as much. The 4000 square foot, 3 bedroom apartment at 88 Davenport Road was listed in September 2017 for a smaller yet still crazy price of $7.8 million. 

If you're thinking that's a lot of space for two people, you'd be right. In fact, Toskan and Zakreski actually shared the space with their four adopted children, who all seem just as down to earth as their parents. 

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First, there's Crystal, who appears to be the only one in the family working for MAC cosmetics. Aside from posting amazing makeup looks, she also floods her Instagram with fitness pics, proving that healthy lifestyles run in the family. 

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Then there are the twins Kyle and Greg, who are in their early twenties. Like their sister, they both seem like the furthest thing from spoiled rich kids - their Instagram feeds feature photos of their respective girlfriends, dogs, and every day normal life.

The only thing that reminds you that they are the sons of Canada's most successful makeup moguls is the number of travel photos they post. And this casual photo of their dads with the Kardashians:

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Greg also seems to be taking after their dad, but this time in the restaurant business. He posts a lot online about Impact, but, according to his Instagram, he's also the owner of Mineral, a restaurant supposedly opening in Rosedale this fall. 

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Finally, there's Jared. He also takes after his dad but in a completely different way. Frank Toskan is a really private person, staying out of the spotlight and media, and not bragging about his success. This trait seems to have been passed onto Jared who also keeps his life - and his Instagram profile - more on the private side. 

None the less, he is still regularly featured on his siblings' Instagram since the family seems super close. 

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 Philanthropy and giving back is clearly important to the family as well. Not long after MAC was founded, they also created the MAC AIDS Fund and partnered with celebrities like Ru Paul and K.D. Lang to promote a lipstick called Viva Glam Lipstick. All the proceeds from that product went towards their AIDS foundation. 

Toskan's sister, who was also involved in MAC at the start, is behind the Toskan Casale Foundation, which provides relief to families and people at risk while focusing on community development. 

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Since Toskan keeps his life really private, his exact net worth isn't clear. But, it can be assumed, based on the $15 million and $8 million houses, and the fact that MAC is a multi-hundred million dollar brand, that Frank Toskan has been very successful. 

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