If you’re still skeptical about global warming, maybe this will change your mind - according to The Weather Network, Florida has out-snowed parts Canada so far this winter. 

Erin Wenckstern, a staff meteorologist, reports that certain areas of Florida are getting more of the white stuff than some cities in Canada. Take, for example, the city of Pace, a small community on the Florida panhandle, which just edged out Edmonton in terms of snowfall last month.

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Pace and Edmonton are approximately 2,000 km apart, which means they experience different weather conditions in the winter. In January, Edmonton typically sees 8.5 inches of snowfall and average highs of around -6 C, whereas Pace typically sees 0 inches of snowfall and average highs of 16 C.

But this year, Pace has received more snow so far, with 1.2 inches compared to Edmonton’s 0.9 inches. Wenckstern says this was a result of a combination of meteorological feats:

“[The] polar jet stream that separates the cold and warm air masses up in the atmosphere had to drive far enough south into Texas to allow sub-zero temperatures to flood into the Gulf States, she says. “Since December, this pattern has developed a few times, bringing snowfall to northern Florida and much of the deep south not once, but THREE times so far this winter.”

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In comparison, Edmonton has been on the receiving end of a “moisture-starved storm pattern across the Prairies” that has kept Edmonton in “low snow depth territory.”

Other cities in Florida like Tallahassee and Jacksonville have also received significant snowfall this winter. Surely it’s not impossible for Florida to get snow, but it definitely is rare.

Of course, there’s still more winter to be had, and knowing Canadian winters this could all change in an instant. Jet stream patterns in the next few weeks could end up bringing Edmonton the snow it usually gets.

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