It's no secret that concession items at the movies are overly priced. Here in Canada, most movie-goers buy combos under the assumption that they will save them a bit of money, but is that really the case?

An ex-Cineplex employee from British Columbia recently took to Reddit to share what he discovered about the pricing for food and drinks at the movie theatre. He conducted his own little investigation during some downtime he had during one of his shifts:

"Turns out, the combos cost exactly the same, if not slightly more than buying the individual items. I tested this with all the combos offered at my theater and talked to employees of other theaters in the area and they all confirm the same findings.

So not only is the food over priced, but you would expect the combos to save a little money on each purchase even if it was just like 2 or 3 dollars."

He also adds that employees are often trained in a form of upselling to prioritize selling combos over individual items. While upselling is something that's been around forever, the poster still felt it was not a decent practice to be engaging in.

via @cineplexmovies

People quickly chimed in with their opinions on the pricing controversy:

As you can see, some people were in support of the poster while others gave the company a little slack due to the nature of its business. 

Where do you stand? Read the full thread on Reddit here.

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