Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his brutally honest reviews of food and cuisine. It doesn’t matter if he’s critiquing a fancy dish at a local restaurant or a random person’s dinner - Gordon Ramsay will always give his genuine opinion, without holding anything back.

On Twitter, it’s become a trend for people to send their home-cooked meals to Gordon Ramsay to get his “professional” feedback on their culinary creations. One of the most recent subjects of his scrutiny was none other than a classic Canadian invention: pineapple pizza.

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A guy named Jordan, who operates under the handle @dinkumdolan, tweeted a picture of his pineapple pizza to Gordon Ramsay and asked him for his thoughts. 

“I’ll update when done, I’m making a homemade pineapple pizza,” he said. 

Gordon Ramsay replied with a straightforward answer that Canadians may not be so pleased to hear:

Pineapple pizza was an invention that originated in Canada. Sam Panopoulous, a resident of Chatham, Ont., came up with it when he first experimented with pineapples as toppings in the 60s. He opened up a pizza shop in Windsor where he first introduced his creation to the public, but even back then it wasn’t initially well received.

“Nobody liked it at first, but after that, everybody went crazy over it,” he said.

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Eventually, Hawaiian pizza gained its own fans, both in Canada and in other countries all over the world. But there still exists a significant group of people today who believe pineapples have no place on pizzas.

Most Canadians are strong supporters of the pineapple pizza and are quick to defend it whenever it is being criticized. Just last year, they rallied against Icelandic president Guðni Johanesson, who publicly stated his hatred for pineapple pizzas and even went as far as to say it should be banned as a pizza topping.

Perhaps Canadians now have a bone to pick with Gordon Ramsay as well?

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