The City Of Lakes lies just a short ferry ride across the harbour from it’s neighbor Halifax.  The two joined forces in 1996, and make up part of what is now the Halifax Regional Municipality. With a population of almost seventy thousand, Dartmouth hosts the largest Canada Day celebration in all of Atlantic Canada every year, and is home to some of the East Coast’s most significant musicians, including Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays and Adam Baldwin.

In honour of our sister city, we put together a list of awesome things that anyone who grew up in Dartmouth will fondly recount about their home town.

1. Your favorite fish ‘n’ chips are from John’s Lunch

You were surprised to learn that this Woodside landmark technically makes the best fish ‘n’ chips in all of Canada, but then again you have always thought it was pretty good…

2. You’ve gotten drunk at a Turkey Bowl

You didn’t care who won, you just went to have a good time.

3. You’ve been late because of the McDonald Bridge

You always forget that it’s closed.  If you had have just taken the McKay in the first place you would avoided this entire debacle.

4. You’re still bitter about the amalgamation of the HRM

Even though it happened in 1996, you still wish it was just the City of Dartmouth.

5. You’ve been to a pit party

Likely at some point during high school and likely hosted at Conrad’s Pit.  Also known as a bonfire for those who are out of the loop…

6. You’re proud that Alderney Landing hosts the biggest Canada Celebration in Atlantic Canada

And you wish that Matt Mays and Joel Plaskett would still play it every year.

7. You get pissed when you hear one of your friends say they’re from Halifax

We’re in the Maritimes, people know Dartmouth isn’t Halifax just like Oakville isn’t Toronto.

8. You know someone who knows someone who worked on Trailer Park Boys

You’ve also probably seen Bubbles and asked him for a selfie, which I’m guessing he declined.

9. You love visiting Halifax by Ferry

It’s a pretty nice ride, with great views of the HRM. 

10. You spend your summers paddling and your winters skating

Dartmouth is known as the city of lakes, having 23 lakes within it’s boundaries that are perfect for all the above.

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